Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  The weather was amazing on Friday and Saturday which only enhanced the VE celebrations.

I would  love to know what you got up to for the celebrations or at the weekend in general.  Send me an email and let me know.

Here are today’s activities:

As it is Monday don’t forget to check out Mr Garvey’s blog. It is important to remember that daily exercise is very good for us.


Monday 11th May

https://www.lovereadin g4kids.co.uk/book/7719 /The-Abominables-byEva-Ibbotson.html

If you have a problem try registering through this link then you should be able to access the book and use the extracts for our learning this week.



Maths: Perimeter of rectangles.

First I would like you to look at this short video to give you an example of how to complete today’s task.


May 11th-Perimeter-of-a-rectangle

I will post the answers later.

Topic:  To learn about land use in the U.K.

Monday 11th May instructions


Worksheet – UK Land Use Grid


Today I would like you to attempt some peer massage with someone in your household. Make sure you ask permission. Try and ask them to peer massage you too!  Maybe you could create a calm atmosphere by turning any noise off or playing calm music and sitting comfortably.

Enjoy. 😌

Have a great day,

Love Mrs G. 🌻🌈💚🐈