We’ve been so busy and had lots of fun learning opportunites. Here’s some of what we have been doing:

Forest School

What a busy first session at Forest School! Here’s what we did:

  • Designed our own treasure trail using sticks.
  • Drew a message for the end of the trail using a code. Lisa had to work out the message.
  • Played in the mud kitchen
  • Made pencils out of Elder. We took the middle out of the Elder and placed a piece of charcoal in the middle
  • Used Willow to make a bird feeder and dream catchers
  • Hot Vimto to end the session!

PSHE – Respect and Challenge

We looked out how we speak to one another with respect. We worked in groups to who would say what. We discussed how we show respect to one another by listening and valuing what people say, We talked about manners and being thoughtful.


We started our Geography topic – Extreme Earth  – by finding out what is below the surface of the Earth. We used different colours of playdough to represent the different layers:

Red – Inner Core

Orange – Outer Core

Yellow – Mantle

Brown  – Crust

It was lots of fun and it was definitely ‘Sticky Learning!’


On Monday afternoon we had a visit from Greg. He came to lead some learning to do with being mindful.

Here are some of the activities we did:

  • went outside to feel the positive affects of exercise on our mental health. We thought about how fresh air, being outdoors and exercising helps to lift our mood.
  • outside we tried to be in the present – we used our senses to tune into our surroundings
  • we drew our happy place -trying to think of somewhere outdoors like a park, yard or garden and thoight about how we can use this when we are feeling stressed to calm ouselves down
  • we thought about what brings us happiness
  • we practised thinking in a positive manner