Things have been very busy in Hazel Class!

Here’s a taster of what we have been doing.


Timeline – When was the Stone Age?

We made a physical timeline on the playground. We learnt about BC and AD and added in some other dates we were familiar with from prior learning such as The Great Fire of London. We used this to order our own timelines.


Could you survive the Stone Age?

We went outside to spot things that would help us to survive in the Stone Age. We used our knowledge from Forest School to help us. We were able to spot things we could use for heat, weapons, food and shelter!


Here’s some of our partitioning of 3 digit numbers:

Life Caravan

We had great fun when the Life Caravan came to visit, especially with the role play, which helped us to learn and remember.


In Science we have been exploring forces.


Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little of what goes on in Hazel Class – Watch this Space!