Lego Club can’t believe we’ve just had our final session!

We’ve been super busy doing lots of projects, constructing many buildings, making modes of transport, building bridges and you name it – we’ve done it all! Have a look at everything we’ve done.


Our first week, we created our own names using Lego.

The second week, one of our challenges was to create something that was durable and that wouldn’t break after been dropped from the ceiling. Then, we made flags from lots of different countries. Can you guess what country flags we made?

A week later, our challenge was to create a tall, narrow tower that had to be free-standing. We looked and learnt some names of towers in different countries including the Eiffel Tower, Empire State and Blackpool Tower. We did an excellent job making our own constructions as everyone’s tower stayed upright and met the brief. We did have a winner for the tallest tower of course! Check out our designs below!

A week onwards, we had a go at making our fruit for a fruit bowl. We made lots of different fruit which included banana, watermelon, blueberries, kiwi, plum, orange and many more!

Another week, another fun Lego Club! In week 5, we had to make different vehicles. We came up with excellent ideas, we made types of cars, boats, a helicopter and an ice cream van!

We tested our models to see how far they travelled if we placed them on a slope – we may have given some vehicles a helping hand.

For our last week, we went free style and made an array of objects, including a giraffe, a tree, butterflies and a Nintendo. Lastly, we worked together to make a rainbow. Check out our creations!