Here’s some of Luca’s super work:

Pictures from Sinjon’s day out to Heysham

Sinjon’s guide to surviving in the jungle

Sinjon’s amazing growing!

And here’s his free-verse poem:

Soaring high falling down        by Sinjon

The boy sat in the seat.

His heart was full of excitement.

The pilot pressed the throttle button and they went speeding off.

The plane sored over the trees and the mountains as it lurched and swerved briskly.


The engine suddenly stopped.

By the laws of gravity, they were going down… down… down…


Click the links for these amazing piece of writing:

The amazing survival story of Juliane Koepcke

Fred’s diary- Sinjon



Just lok how busy Ghulam has been! His baking and cooking pictures made me feel very hungry!

Alex has had a busy week too!

Click the link for Arianna’s RE work:

Arianna – Christianity and Hinduism Comparison

And here is her free-verse poem:

It was like a man made magic wish,

All my dreams came true,

The sky gave way,

I jerked,

The Arms of the sky held me,

I dipped,

And I screamed,

That was it.


Chloe’s lovely free-verse poem:

The ferocious Brazilian sun,

The Amazon, the Amazon.

The fun has just begun,

The Amazon, the Amazon.


The swerve of the river, I could stay there forever,

We are home now, we are home now.

Across the vast sweep of blue, the sky gave way,

We are home now, we are home now.


Clock the links for some of David’s great work:




Here is some of Ethan’s science work from this week.


Click the link for Fin’s super RE work:

Fin – Christianity and Hinduism Comparison


  Some of Heidi’s work from this week including her English work from Wednesday and her her free-verse poem.


Click the link for Iona’s RE work:

Iona – Christianity and Hinduism Comparison

And here’s her fab free-verse poem:

The vast sweep of blue,

A young boys’ shriek,

Being gently cooked inside your own skin,

The swirl of a smooth river.


Look how busy Joe’s been this week and what beautiful artwork again!


Click the link for Joseph’s great RE work:

Joseph – Christianity and Hinduism Comparison


Wow! Lottie’s been so busy! And here’s her free-verse poem:

City of the water,

Reflection of the setting sun,

Watching the vast sweep of the blue river,

The tree’s grew and the arms of the sky opened.


Meg’s super science work.

Click the link for her free poem about her dog Ned:

Free poem – Ned


Here’s some of Daisy’s maths and English work from this week:


Here’s Maya’s fabulous work!