Yesterday we had a fabulous trip into Lancaster and the weather was better than predicted! We started off at the castle, our guide David showed us the oldest part of the castle which is the keep. It is Norman and is over 900 years old! Then we went into the male prison part and could see the cells and the landings. From this point onwards in the tour we were not allowed to take any pictures because it is a working court. After that we saw the debtors prison followed by the two courts. We also saw the preparation room where prisoners were prepared before being executed. We also saw where the Pendle witches were kept before their trial. After the castle tour we went to the City Museum and looked at how Lancaster has developed over the centuries from a Roman fort to the present day. We found out lots of interesting facts about Lancaster – did you know that it became a city in 1937! Next we walked to Williamson Park where we ate our lunch, looked at the witches plaque and had a play. It was a great day out and we were feeling pretty exhausted by the end! Here are some photos of our trip.