Hi everyone,

Today’s PE activity is soups vs beans (naughts and crosses)

Firstly, you will need to mark a start point at one end of your garden or a room in your house.

At the opposite end of your garden/room you will need to create a 3 x 3 grid, you can do this by placing pieces of paper on the ground or by using string/skipping ropes.

Then you will need to collect 5 tins of beans and 5 tins of soup and challenge someone you live with to a game.

Decide who is going to be soups and who is going to be beans.
The first person to do 10 star jumps goes first.

Take it in turns to run from your starting point to your grid, place your tin of soup or beans down into a square on the grid and run back to the start, then the other person can go.

The first player to get 3 of their tins in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins!

If you don’t have these items at home you can swap them out for whatever you can get your hands on, although always remember to check with an adult first.

Have fun,
Mr Garvey