Hello and welcome to the *drumroll please* Sock Olympics! ?

As you may know, the Olympic Games have been cancelled this year, however, for you; the sock olympics are about to begin! Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week, I’ll be posting some sock related games you can have a go at in any kind of space you have at home. All that you’ll need to take part is… you guessed it, a pair of socks (preferably clean ones).

??Find the first events list below??

1. The sock throw – Roll your socks into a ball and choose a starting position. See how far you can throw your ball. You can count your steps to see how far it went, or use a tape measure if you want to be really accurate.

2. Sock ‘keepy uppies’ – Can you keep your ball of socks in the air just using your feet? How many keepy uppies can you do in 1 minute?

3. Sock speed bounce – Place your socks next to each other on the ground. How many times can you jump back and forth over them in 1 minute?

4. Sock jump – Put your socks on your feet and choose a starting position. How far can you jump in one jump, jumping and landing with 2 feet together?

So there you have it, the first round of the Sock Olympics. I’ll be back on Wednesday with the next set of events!

Take care,
Mr Garvey ?