We enjoyed our practical science lesson; finding out how blood circulates around the body. First we got into our house teams then we were given parts of the body that we had to arrange in the correct area on the floor. This took lots of discussion and listening skills to end up with the labels in the right order.

Then half of the class stood by the labels and became that body part. The rest of the class became blood. The children collected red blood cells (red card) from the lungs; they then went to the right side of the heart who told them where in the body to go. They travelled to the named body part and gave over their red blood cells in exchange for deoxygenated blood cells (blue card). They travelled to the heart which then pumped them up to the lungs; here they exchanged their deoxygenated blood for oxygenated blood.

It took us a few goes before everyone understood exactly where to go and how to exchange the gases in their blood but we got there and everyone learnt lots about how blood is circulated around the body.

The next thing we did was the children got into their house teams and then split into two groups. One child was the scribe and the others had to run around the hall one at a time to find a statement. They had to memorize the statement and then tell it back to the scribe who wrote it down. While the scribe was writing; the next runner found a different statement to memorize. When all the statements were written down the group had to decide which order the statements should appear as they happen in the body. Lara, Bella, Zara were the first to finish!

Teamwork was essential! Everyone had to listen to each other and help each other to succeed.