A great week – thank you children for all your hard work!

Maths Homework – due for Thursday 7th October.

This week we have looked at rounding numbers to the nearest 10. We used number lines as this made it easier for us to see which ten number was nearest. We then understood why we round up when the ones is less than 5 and round up when the ones is 5 or more.

This week your child will bring home a sheet with the Maths Homework on.

Please find below the regular homework that we would like the children to do each week.

Please practise:

  • Spellings for the test on Wednesday – these should be on Spelling Shed.
  • Times tables for a quick assessment on Wednesday ( about 3 minutes). Your child should know which times tables they need to practise.
  • Read at home and sign your Reading Record.

Have a great weekend!