Hello Willow Class,

Apologies for the delay in giving out the homework. I am extending the date to Friday 25th June. Obviously, if you finish before then please by all means bring it in.

This week I would like you to write a diary of your weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

I am looking for the following items to be included:

  • Correctly placed punctuation
  • A variety of conjunctions to join sentences, not just ‘and then’, ‘and then’.
  • Fronted adverbials –  See attached sheet for support if you are not sure.  Don’t forget the comma!  -fronted-adverbials-ks2-word-mat-list
  • Neat handwriting that has appropriate finger spaces and that you can read through.  Presentation is just as important for homework as it is for in class.

I am expecting this to be a quality piece of writing that you feel proud of. Remember to check through for errors and if you want to re-write it out in best, then please do.


I look forward to reading these.

Good luck,

Mrs Graham. ? ⭐????