Hi everyone. Thank you to all of you who have contacted me regarding zoom. I am happy that lot’s of you will be joining me on Friday but totally understand, it’s not for everyone and are happy for parents to say no.

Here is today’s work…


Today, we are going to write our poem. Look at this to begin with:

English – Day 4 – intro

Use these sheets to publish your poem or write it in your book using the format of the sheet.

english day 4



Today we are looking at clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Watch this video to help you to understand:


Now have a go at this:

Activity Sheet Clockwise Corners day 4

There are answer sheets attached and 3 levels of sheets. You all know your child and which one you think would suit them best. If you cant print, your child can verbally tell you if it is clock wise or anti clockwise.


Can you create clockwise and anti-clock wise turns in your home?


Or have a go at these challenges if you would like…

Don’t forget to explain how do  you know?



Today we are looking at ey.

Use this and then the link for today’s video is here:

Phonics – day 4




Well being activity 

Please look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog for today’s activity.


Extra activities – if you would like more to do

Today’s sea creature to focus on in a dolphin. Watch this video:



At the end of the video, it talks about plastic pollution in oceans. This is something we have talked about in class.

Can you make a poster to save the oceans from plastic or to save the dolphins? Here are some ideas…

Or get crafty and create a dolphin:

Origami is the art of paper folding. You could have a go at making an origami dolphin using this link.