Hi everyone, I hope you are all OK. Geraldine and I have created a new video for you to all watch, look at Geraldine’s blog for more details but here is the link for the video…


Today you are going to create your own rainbow animal. Here are some ideas:

Can you describe your character?

For example:

This is my rainbow cat. She is beautiful and fluffy. She is multi-coloured.

Use this sentence starter if you would like:

This is my rainbow

Can you use and to join your describing words?


Draw a picture of your rainbow creation if you like. Get creative, I would love to see your ideas.



Use white rose video to recap:

Summer term, week 2 Lesson 3 – Find a quarter (2)



Then we are going to look at quartering numbers. You can select which one of these 2 activities you want your child to complete:

  1. White rose follow up

maths day 4

  1. Use this quartering mat and write out these number cards numbers 4,8,12,16,20,(24,28 as a challenge)


Get the right amount of objects you need and chn have to count out the number to quarter then split the number in 4 using the mat. You can draw a mat like this to save printing.

Avoid getting the children to record 8 ÷ 4 = 2 instead they can record a quarter of 8 = 2


Maths problem of the day

Have a go at this extra problem if you would like. Ask the children how do you know that? How did you work out that answer?




Look through this and use this video for today’s sound of o_e.

phonics day 4




Well-being activity for the day

Look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog for your well-being activity today!


Extra activities

Recap our learning from last week on measuring and create a war time recipe



Have a go at this VE day signing lesson:



Or pick one of the other activities you didn’t complete earlier in the week.

Rainbow fish extras

Here are some rainbow fish activities you could have a go at if you want something else to do as an alternative to the VE day activities.

There are some science activities linked to the Rainbow Fish:

Rainbow Science Experiment


Science Experiment

Or you could make your own Rainbow Fish or make the Rainbow animal you created for English


Have a fabulous long weekend enjoy any garden parties you may be having. Please send pictures of how you get on. I will see you all back on Monday for our next week of home learning.

Mrs Quinn xx