Today we are going to write a special poem about the Rainbow Fish.

Have a look through this…

english day 3

Our task for today is to create a Rainbow acrostic poem. Write it in your books, starting a new line for each letter in RAINBOW. Or you can use this if you want to print…

day 3 english

Draw a picture of the rainbow fish in your book if you would like to.



Use white rose video to recap:

Summer term, week 2 Lesson 2 – Find a quarter (1)



Like on Monday, for today’s activity there are a few different options for you to have a go at. Just select the one you think is best for your child.

  1. you can complete the white rose activity here:

day 3 maths


  1. Or draw some 2D shapes for your child to cut into quarters or draw them in your childs book for them to draw where they would split them into four. Don’t forget to identify what 2D shape it is. Or use this sheet

maths day 3


  1. Or have a go at cutting some real life objects into 4 equal parts (quarters)


Maths problem of the day

Have a go at this extra challenge if you would like.

Go around your house and find different 2D shapes e.g. radiator maybe an oblong shape, you may have a circle plate etc and can you use your finger to draw the line where you would split your shape in 4 equal quarters.

Or have a go at this:

Explain how you know.



Spellings should be on Spelling Shed. This week’s words are…

there    where   love   come   some

Some you may have had before but it’s good to recap these words as they are the words children need to be able to spell in year 1. Please try to practice them at home. You could do your own test next week if you like?



Look through this and use this video for today’s sound of i_e.

phonics day 3



Well-being activity for the day

Have a go at this rainbow themed relaxation:


or a pirate yoga:



Extra activities

Pick one of these activities:


Design a medal:




Design a tea cup or a spitfire plane







Choreograph/Learn a 1940s-style dance

Can you create your own swing-style routine and film it?

Bonus points if you can create a costume to wear too!

Use these links for inspiration:




Mr Garvey PE

Have a look out for Mr Garvey’s PE activity for today and see if you can have a go.