Hi Beech Class, I hope you are all OK and have had a great weekend. Here is the work for today:



Thank you to everyone that voted! Rainbow Fish is the story you chose to learn about this week.

Watch and listen to the story here or read the book with an adult if you have it at home…


When you watch, look out for the main character and where the story is set or takes place. Then look out for what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story as this will help you to complete today’s activity.


Here it is…

day 1 english

Draw pictures in the boxes and write labels to go with the pictures.

If you can print, ask your child to record their answers in their books or on a piece of paper.


Lot’s of you have said you would also like to look at Commotion in the Ocean next week as that was our second most popular story, so that will be next week’s focus for English.




This week in Maths we are recapping fractions. The fractions we have looked at in class are halves that look like this ½ and quarters that look like this ¼.

Last week’s White Rose maths was fractions and I think the videos are helpful and contain good explanations for the children so we will be using some of them again this week. Then we will be completing practical activities (as this is what the class seem to enjoy) but I will attach some sheets to do as well for those who like that style of learning.

The way we teach fractions in Y1 is by looking at halving and quartering shapes first so the children understand the concept of halving which is splitting into 2 equal parts and quartering splitting into 4 equal parts. Then we look at halving and quartering numbers later in the week.

Use this link https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

Then find

Summer term week 1 Lesson 4 – Find a half (1) and watch the video.

For today’s activity there are a few different options for you to have a go at. Just select the one you think is best for your child.

  1. you can complete the white rose activity here:

maths day 1    (answers on the link above if you need them)


  1. Or draw some 2D shapes for your child to cut in half or draw them in your childs book for them to draw where they would split them into half. Don’t forget to identify what 2D shape it is. Or use this sheet:

halves-of-shapes-1 day 1


  1. Or have a go at cutting some real life objects into 2 equal parts (halves)


Maths problem of the day

Have a go at this extra challenge if you would like.

Go around your house and find different 2D shapes e.g. radiator maybe an oblong shape, you may have a circle plate etc and can you use your finger to draw the line where you would split your shape in half.

Or have a go at this:

Explain how you know.



This week in phonics, we are going to look at split diagraphs starting with a_e.

Use this:

phonics day 1

Then follow this link when needed:



Well-being activity for the day

Have a go at this under the sea dance:



Extra activities

This week all our extra activities will be things to do with celebrating VE day on Friday.

Here is some information on what VE day is:


As a school, we are asking all the children to have a go at making some VE day bunting. Maybe, it could be used for your party on Friday if you are having one?

Use this link for some ideas:


We would love to see your bunting. We are going to put pictures on a whole school blog so please send me pictures.

Be as creative as you like:


Don’t forget:

Watch the Queen address the NATION – The Queen herself will be giving a special address to the nation at 8th May – which is the exact same time that her father, King George VI, spoke to the UK 75 years ago, on the actual VE Day.

Here is the proposed schedule for the day:


Mr Garvey PE

Have a look out for Mr Garvey’s PE activity for today and see if you can have a go.


Have a great day and don’t forget to keep me updated on how you are all getting on. Mrs Quinn xx