Good morning Beech Class. I hope you are all OK and are ready for today’s learning.

Thank you to everyone that voted for next week’s story. Here are the results of the vote …

Can you see which one won?

It was the Rainbow Fish, so our learning in English will be all about that.

Commotion in the Ocean was the next highest vote so we could always do that story the week after? Parents let me know in your emails if the children would  like to do that. I am really keen for them to lead the learning as much as they can to keep them engaged and motivated.



Imagine you are a pirate on an adventure to find some treasure just like the pirates from the story. Can you write a message in a bottle to describe your journey to the treasure?

Use this PowerPoint to start.

Day 4 – english


Can you use time connectives to sequence your writing?

Can you add describing words?

Use this template if you like or just write your message in your book.

There are 2 sheets. Sheet 1 has a sentence starter to help provide more structure.

To simplify the task for your child just ask them to write 1 sentence and give them the sentence starter I saw.

Sheet 2 is more open ended.

Select the best sheet for your child.


MESSAGE in a Bottle writing task

Don’t forget:

and use your phonics




Today we are continuing with capacity. Recap from yesterday – what does capacity mean?

Look at this from White Rose.

Week 1 Lesson 5 – Measure capacity

But we are going to have a go at measuring capacity ourselves today so complete this:


maths day 4


Maths problem of the day

Have a go at this extra problem if you would like. Ask the children how do you know that? How did you work out that answer?

Or have a go at this:

Select capacity then up to 100ml. You can select lower if that is more suitable for your child.



Please look at this for today’s phonics revision on ou.

Then have a go at DJ cow select ow ou. You have to click on the first and last letter of the word found to select it.


Don’t forget to play some games on selecting the sound we have looked at today using

username: march20

password: home if you would like extras to do.


Well-being activity for the day

Check out the activity Mrs O’Donnell has set for well-being today.



Extra activities

If you would like an extra activity to do, pick an activity from your new learning grid.

Or try one of these activities to create a pirate ship:


BBC Home learning

Don’t forget to try the BBC home learning as an alternative to the learning I am setting, if your child is struggling to engage. Please do not over face your child and complete it as well as this.