Hi Beech Class. Well done for getting stuck back into the home learning. I am proud of you all and hope you are enjoying the work being set for you. Thanks to all of you who have sent me pictures of your learning this week. I am really loving seeing the work you are doing. If you haven’t seen Geraldine’s latest blog, have a look to see what she has been up to.



Today’s English is focusing and consolidating the phonics from this week. We are also recapping tricky words…

Phonics and English – week 3, day 5



Today we are looking at subtraction using a number line. Don’t forget, when we take away we are making a smaller number. When we take away on a number line we move down or back on the number line the opposite way to when we are adding.

Look at this:

day 5 maths

Then have a go at this. There are 2 sheets select one to complete. Sheet 2 is slightly trickier so select the one most appropriate for your child.

You can draw a number line and write the calculations in your book if you cannot print.

day 5 maths activity


Maths problem of the day

Have a go at this problem if you would like. Ask the children how do you know that? How did you work out that answer?

or have a go at this:


select – up to 20


Well-being activity for the day

Have a go at this:

We are going to do a mindfulness walk. We have been doing this in class so the children should remember what to do.

Go for a walk around your garden. Be as quiet as you can be. Use your senses. What can you see, hear, smell, taste and touch?


Extra activities

If you would like an extra activity to do, pick an activity from your new learning grid or the pirate science activities from the past 2 days.

Or try one of these activities:



Mr Garvey’s PE

Have a go at the link on our class blog to Mr Garvey’s PE he has set for you!


BBC Home Learning 

BBC have published some learning activities for children to complete at home. It is all online and there are videos to support learning. It does not link to where we are with our learning in Beech Class at this time of the year and this is why I am not using it for English and Maths at the minute. There are some nice things to do on it and it does give children a step by step guide.

In English in class, we usually base our learning around a story or text and so I have chose to follow this format for the home learning to provide children some familiarity and to engage them with the learning. I may start to use bits though if anything links to what we are doing, but I will put this in the blog posts like normal.

For those children who are finding it more challenging to engage in the home learning, using the BBC stuff is an option you could try to see if this is better for your child. Here is the link:


Please do not complete this as well as the learning set by myself as I feel that may be too much.

If you do use it please let me know via email – h.quinn@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk

Have a great weekend and I will see you all back on Monday!

Mrs Quinn xx