Good morning Oak Class

I hope you’re all ok – I’m missing you all!

I’m going to struggle to read and respond to comments on the blog or emails today as I’m interviewing so if I don’t get back to you, that’s why. Hopefully you’ll all be ok.


LI – to create an information poster.

Explore and make notes about the planet Mars by watching and reading these sources:

Watch: Mars 101 – National Geographic: m/watch?v=D8pnmwOXh oY (Note: contains American spellings).

Read: NASA Space Place – All About Mars: https://spaceplace.nasa.g ov/all-about-mars/en/

NASA plans to have people land on Mars in the next ten years. Explore which spacecraft might get them there and what it would be like to travel to Mars by watching and reading these sources:

Watch: Orion: Journey to Mars – How Will We Get to Mars? Space Week Live Channel 4: m/watch?v=FZDymr-usdA

Read: National Geographic Kids: Mars Mission https://www.natgeokids. com/uk/primary- resource/mission-mars- primary-resource/

(To access this resource, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF button below ‘download primary resource’. This will download a zip file Mars PDF which contains the documents ‘Mission to Mars’ Pages 1 and 2 inside).

Based on all you have read and watched about Mars and the mission to land there, create a poster with interesting facts and information which might appear in a space magazine. You may wish to create your poster by hand in your Home Learning Book or on a sheet of paper, or you might want to work process it using Microsoft Publisher or a similar programme. It’s up to you. Please make sure you share your finished work with me though.

If you would like support with the layout of your poster, you may wish to look at this poster all about space facts: https://www.natgeokids. com/uk/primary- resource/space-facts- primary-resource/

(To access this resource, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF button below ‘download primary resource’. This will download a zip file which has the PDF ‘6 Out of This World Space Facts’ inside).


At the start of the week, you worked with Mrs Poole on addition and subtraction. For the remainder of the week, we will focus on multiplication and division. We will continue to work in Abacus Textbook 3.

LI – to multiply by integers and decimals

I would like you to work through pages 29, 30 and 31 (some of you may get further than others – just like if we were in school). Remember to show your working out in your Home Learning Book and as an extra challenge, have a go at the Think sections.

Remember – the formula to calculate area is l x w

Abacus Textbook 3 P29, 30, 31

Abacus Textbook 3 P29, 30, 31 ANSWERS

Stilling Time

For Stilling Time today, I’d like you to use the following guided body scan. We know from doing these together in school that they can really help us to be present, calm down and manage any worries or anxieties that we may have. You can choose to do this alone or with members of your family; indoors or outdoors. Just relax and enjoy it.


Please have a go at Mr Garvey’s PE Challenge for today.


LI – to learn about how texture can be used to make music more interesting, how pop songs are structured and the importance of pitch and melody.

We’ve not done any music for a long time so I thought it would be nice to do a music lesson this afternoon. There’s a really nice one on the BBC website which looks at some famous musicians: Elvis and Bob Marley and allows us to focus on our own favourite songs so it should appeal to all of you.

Use the link to the BBC website:

and find the music lesson for 6th July.

Well done for a great day’s work today. See you all tomorrow! Mrs Fitz x