Good morning Oak Class. I wanted to share this amazing double rainbow picture with you as I’ve loved seeing all your rainbow pictures and really think they are a good omen. This was taken in Manchester – my home city…

Now to start today’s work…


For those of you who have chosen to continue with the BBC online learning…

Go to BBC website

Find the English lesson for today – 6 May: English

Record the LI below in your Home Learning book and record any notes, etc in your book.

LI – to use relative clauses to add detail to a setting description.

Extension English task:

LI – to consider the importance of imagery in setting a scene.

Watch author Pádraig Kenny talking about his novel Tin in the following short clip:

“The main idea I had was an image I had of a man attempting to sell a robotic boy to a childless couple at Christmas. The novel progressed from there.”

Task 1: Think about and record in your home learning book, responses to the following questions:

Why is this image so powerful?

Why do you think Pádraig Kenny chose to open his novel with this scene?

What impression does this scene give the reader of Mr Absalom and the robotic child (Jack)?

 Task 2: Using this week’s extract, create an illustration to accompany this scene. Think about the following questions as you work:

How will you illustrate Mr Absalom, Jack, Christopher and the childless couple?

How do your illustrations help the reader to gain an understanding of each character?

Maths – for those of you who have chosen to continue with the BBC online learning…

Use the 6 May: Maths lesson on the BBC website:

LI – to add and subtract fractions.

Maths Extension

We are continuing to use the WhiteRose Maths work – I hope you’re enjoying it. Please click on the link below:

Go to Week 2 and find lesson 4. I have deliberately missed out lesson 3 as we only have four days this week and some of you may not have a protractor at home. However, if you do and you would like some extra work then you can access lesson 3 too.

LI – to use knowledge of angles to solve problems.

Watch the video and then click ‘get the activity’. Remember that the answers are also there for you to look at once you have completed the work so I won’t post these separatley later.

PE: Please do Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for today.

Stilling Time

Watch and enjoy the following video – a remake of the classic war time song ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

As you watch, think about all the things you are looking forward to when we really do meet again. Make a list of these and then say them to yourself… I can’t wait to… I am looking forward to seeing… because… I’m so excited to…

Topic: VE Day Activities

I hope you’re all enjoying designing and making your bunting that Mrs Poole tasked you with at the start of the week. Your homes and gardens are going to look so amazing when you put it up! We can’t wait to see your pictures.

Today, I would like you to watch the Pathé news clip: about VE Day. I’m sure you’ll agree with me – it really is an amazing clip. Imagine what it would have been like to be there!

For some ICT/drama work, I’d like you to create your own VE day Pathé-style clip using free video-editing software such as iMovie, Filmora Go or Film Maker Pro. If you can’t access any of this software, you could always film on a device. Don’t worry too much – just get creative. Find images and video clips online (remember to stay safe when searching) to use in your clip. Write a voice-over script and add this to your movie. Remember to share your work with me!

Purple Mash Activity: I’ve set you a quick 2Do on Purple Mash to design and create a poppy or selection of poppies. Get creative and have fun!