Welcome Oak Class to Wednesday! Not long to go now before we can all be together again! This photo made me remember the fun we had making our War Horse sketches. I’m looking forward to being able to do more work like this soon!

Mrs FitzGerald is hosting the meeting today at 1pm.

Explorer instalment Here is today’s link for our class novel: https://youtu.be/RS-9kX8Hkpw

Reading – remember keep going with reading everyday. You should read for a minimum of half an hour! Reading magazines, newspapers and online books count.


LI – To answer questions from a range of statistics

In today’s maths we are going to be looking at solving problems involving statistics. We will work through a range of statistic types answering different questions. Here is the video working through the questions:


If you don’t want to work through the video you can look at the information here: Statistics challenge-cards

Your work will be to work through the PDF document below:


Mild – Complete page 2, 3 and 4

Spicy – Complete pages 3-6

Hot – Complete pages 3-end of 8


The answers are at the end of the PDF:



LI – to create an information poster.


Explore and make notes about the planet Mars by watching and reading these sources:


Watch: Mars 101 – National Geographic: https://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=D8pnmwOXh oY (Note: contains American spellings).


Read: NASA Space Place – All About Mars: https://spaceplace.nasa.g ov/all-about-mars/en/


NASA plans to have people land on Mars in the next ten years. Explore which spacecraft might get them there and what it would be like to travel to Mars by watching and reading these sources:


Watch: Orion: Journey to Mars – How Will We Get to Mars? Space Week Live Channel 4: https://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=FZDymr-usdA


Read: National Geographic Kids: Mars Mission https://www.natgeokids. com/uk/primary- resource/mission-mars- primary-resource/

(To access this resource, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF button below ‘download primary resource’. This will download a zip file Mars PDF which contains the documents ‘Mission to Mars’ Pages 1 and 2 inside).


Based on all you have read and watched about Mars and the mission to land there, create a poster with interesting facts and information which might appear in a space magazine.


If you would like support with the layout of your poster, you may wish to look at this poster all about space facts: https://www.natgeokids. com/uk/primary- resource/space-facts- primary-resource/

(To access this resource, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF button below ‘download primary resource’. This will download a zip file which has the PDF ‘6 Out of This World Space Facts’ inside).


Now over to Mrs Fitz for the rest of the week…

Stilling Time – Praying Hands

Watch and join in with the following tutorial of how to draw praying hands:

As you draw…

Noticing the feeling of the pencil or pen against the paper.

Observing your feelings about what you are creating.

Shifting your attention to any other senses – perhaps the sound of the pencil/pen against the paper; how your body feels in the position you are sitting in, etc.

Allowing yourself to feel pride in what you’ve achieved.

Once your drawing is finished, say a 5 Finger Prayer (we’ve done this before but I’ve added a picture below as a reminder of what you pray for with each digit).

RE (this will be the focus of our live lesson at 1pm)

LI – to consider the question ‘who was Jesus?’

To begin with…

Jesus helped people to understand who he was by stating ‘I am….. the light, the bread, the good shepherd, the vine’ and others including the gate. (John 10:9)
How can Jesus be a gate? Think about the ways in which a gate could be described. Do any of these characteristics remind you of Jesus?

Listen and watch…

In this popular Christian song Jesus is described as waymaker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and light in
the darkness. As you listen and watch, write down 5 or more names that could be added to that list in your home learning book. Be creative, think about all the stories of Jesus you know, what he did and what Christians believe about him.

Big questions…

We have been thinking a lot about who Jesus was. This might have been (or might be) different depending on who you ask. In your home learning book, finish these sentences:

I think a person who was healed by Jesus would say Jesus ……………………..
I think Zacchaeus would say Jesus………………………………
I think a disciple would say Jesus…………………………………
I think Mary would say Jesus………………………………………
I think a Christian would say Jesus……………………………..
I would say Jesus ……………………..


Design on paper or computer a gateway. Instead of filling in the gate with solid colour use words written in different colours. Fill the gate, posts, pathway etc. with all your ideas about the names given to Jesus by others or from your imagination. Please remember to share your work with me.


Well done for another great day’s learning! See you all tomorrow for our live lesson at 9am. Mrs Fitz 🙂