Good morning Oak Class and welcome back to the final half term of Year 6! I can never believe how quickly each year goes and I’m so sad we’ve lost so much time together! Remember how proud I am of you all for doing so well in such difficult circumstances.

I hope that you all had a wonderful half term; what amazing weather we had! Our garden is in full bloom:

I just love the poppies. They are always at their best in May half term and usually we’re away and miss them so that’s a positive of staying at home this half term. The first picture is of some tomato plants that Mrs Ashworth gave me. They were tiny at first and now they’re getting HUGE! I can’t wait for them to fruit. I’ve loved seeing the growing and garden pictures that some of you have sent me. Keep them coming!


Day 3 – Wednesday

BBC website –

Find English for today’s lesson 3rd June

LI – to use fronted adverbials within settings.

Extension Theme: This week focuses on calculating your own carbon footprint, exploring how climate change affects the Arctic and how this is impacting polar bears.

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

LI – to make notes and use these to create a fact page.

Task 1. Watch Polar Bears 101 National Geographic Wild, making notes about them as you watch: m/watch?v=1zRGzlWqce 4

 Task 2. Now read about the polar bear in this Polar Bear Primary Resource – National Geographic Kids. Make notes as you read: https://www.natgeokids. com/uk/primary- resource/polar-bear- primary-resource/

(To access this resource, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF button below ‘download primary resource’. This will download a zip file containing Polar Bears on the Move and Undercover Polar Bears inside. You will need to register for free to access if you haven’t already done so).

Task 3. Once you have watched the clip and read the information about polar bears, create a fact page based on what you have learnt. Remember to proof-read your work to check it makes sense and for spelling and punctuation.


BBC website –

Find Maths for today’s lesson 3rd June

LI – to order and compare fractions, decimals and percentages.


Mrs Poole and I think there has been a slight mix-up this week and we may have repeated a week of White Rose. Instead of continuing with the White Rose work, I’d like the extension group to work through another of the Maths Mysteries. Depending on how quickly you work, you may do all of this today or just a few of the clues. Those of you who don’t finish it today can do so tomorrow and for those that do finish today, I’ll post an extra piece of work for you to do tomorrow.

The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Treasure

Below is the link to the answers. Please don’t access these until you have finished working (either later today or tomorrow):

Pirate mystery Answers

LI – to apply problem solving skills in different contexts.

Stilling time

I hope that on Monday, you all began and enjoyed the ‘Getting Ready to Go Big’ attachment below which is part of our transition work and is ideal as a Stilling Time activity. As Mrs Poole explained, there are a number of challenges for you to complete before starting your new school in September. Just like on Monday, pick out one or two of the challenges that you’d like to do and have a go. Remember to share your work/ideas with me and Mrs Poole.

Getting-Ready-to-Go-Big-2020-1 home challenge

PE: Please do Mr Garvey’s PE challenge for today.

Topic – Art

For our art lesson today, we will be using the Oak Academy website. These are great lessons which you can do without any special equipment – just things you’ve got at home. Please click on the link below and then select Lesson 1 – Texture Treasure Hunt.

LI – to create a frottage patchwork from rubbings of textured objects.

I’d love to see what you produce in this lesson – please send me pictures of your work!

Remember, I won’t be posting answers separatly as you can access the maths answers on either the BBC website or the White Rose website, the English BBC answers are also on the website for you and you will each have different outcomes for the English Extension task. Do remember that we love looking at your work so please email photos etc.

Lots of love, Mrs Fitz xXx