Welcome Oak Class to Wednesday!

We have a live English lesson today at 9:00am, I’m looking forward to seeing you all later!

Reading – remember you need to keep going with reading everyday. You should read for a minimum of half an hour! Reading magazines, newspapers and online books count.


LI – to be able to complete Long Division calculations

Please see the video I have selected for you here, you haven’t got the worksheet to accompany the video but you can work on all the questions listed on the screen:

White rose hub: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/week-5/  Pick Long Division (1)

Then choose your work below.

Mild – Abacus Textbook 1 p55:  Weds Maths Mild p55

Spicy – Abacus Textbook 1 p56: Weds Maths Spicy P56

Hot – Abacus Textbook 1 p57 : Maths Weds Hot p57

Mild and Spicy answers:Maths Weds Mild and Spicy Answers

Hot answers: Maths Weds Hot Answers


LI – to write a free-verse poem.

Task 1. Read and enjoy the opening (Flight – pages 1-4) of The Explorer by Katherine Rundell here:  the-explorer-katherine-rundell-extract


Task 2. Now go back to the chapter you have just read and jot down any words or phrases that interest you and words and phrases that describe the plane. You may want to explore the meaning of some words by using www.wordhippo.com.


Task 3. Based on the words and phrases you have collected, write a free- verse poem (a poem without any rules) to summarise the opening chapter.

You may want to alter some words or phrases from the text or add your own to create your poem.


An example opening to a poem based on this chapter could be:


Man-made magic wish, Joystick, throttle, Vibrating,

Flying faster than the setting sun,

Following the swerve of the Amazon River, Vast sweep of blue.


Over to Mrs Fitz for the rest of the week…


Stilling Time

Please do the following yoga session which is filled with scripture and Bible passages to help you focus your mind as well as your body. What messages can you take away from the Bible passages? Enjoy!



For your artwork today, I want you to continue with your Antony Gormley project that you started last week. It’s likely that you will all be at different points so here is a reminder of my original post (remember, it’s fine to be as creative as you want and take the learning in whatever direction you choose):

LI – produce artwork in a range of medium inspired by a famous artist.

Our topic-based art work is inspired by the sculptor Antony Gormley.

First, read through the following information and make notes in your home learning book:

Antony Gormley Information

Carry out as much additional research as you want. Then I’d like you to get really creative; you can choose to do this in whatever way you want but here are a few ideas to get you started:

I’d love to see what you produce over the coming weeks.



LI – to join in with a Sea Shanty.

I’m sure most of you (especially those that are fans of TikTok) will have heard The Wellerman sea shanty and know about its huge success and popularity (it went into the UK charts last weekend). Nathan Evans, a 26-year-old postman and aspiring musician from outside Glasgow, is credited with having started the “ShantyTok” trend with his rousing rendition of Wellerman, posted in late December. Since then, thousands of people have enjoyed listening to and joining in with the catchy shanty. I’m thrilled that this links so brilliantly with our topic-based music work on sea shanties. Now that we have learnt a bit about sea shanties, I’d love you to do some music work based on this current trend and get involved in whatever way suits you. This could involve:

  • carrying out some research about The Wellerman sea shanty; making notes in your home learning book and presenting your findings (perhaps as a PowerPoint) – this would be suitable for those that aren’t too keen on performing musically
  • joining in with/singing along to The Wellerman – the internet is absolutely full of videos of people doing this (here’s an example which also has some nice extra information about the shanty):
  • (for those who can play an instrument) – watching a tutorial of how to play an accompaniment to The Wellerman

I’d love it if you could film your performance and send it to me. Maybe we could even aim for an Oak Class Mash-Up of The Wellerman!?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your learning today Oak Class. See you tomorrow. Mrs Fitz 🙂