Welcome Oak Class to Wednesday!

We are going to meet up for registration, sharing of work (if you want to) and a check through the work that is being set. We will meet each morning at 9:00am – set your alarm! I’m looking forward to seeing you all later!

Reading – remember you need to keep going with reading everyday. You should read for a minimum of half an hour!

ere is today’s link for Letters from the Lighthouse, As when we were reading War Horse I got a bit choked up reading today’s installment but I think you will understand why.


LI – to be able to represent multiplication with fractions

Today we are thinking about multiplying fractions. Please watch the Oak Academy video here and complete the tasks set: https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/fractions-represent-multiplication-with-proper-fractions-c9h64e


LI – to write a non-chronological report.

Task 1. Find out what ‘The Race to the South Pole’ was by watching the short clip on the Royal Museums Greenwich website. Google search Royal Museums Greenwich and then in their search function in the top right corner type Race to the South Pole. You will see the top result says – The Race to the South Pole: Scott and Amundsen. Select this and then scroll down slightly to find the clip under the subheading, What was the race to the South Pole?



Task 2. Now read more about the race, making notes in your Home Learning Book as you read, using pages 6-8 The Race to the South Pole of the PDF Antarctic Adventures here: http://www.satspapers.org/SATs%20papers/2006

%20optional%20SATs/Yea r%204%202006%20optional%20SATS/Y4%202006%20Optional%20SATs%2 0English/Year%204%2020 06%20optional%20SATS% 20English%20Reading%20%20Antarctic%20Adventu res.pdf


Task 3. Now find out more about the two rival explorers, Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen, by watching and reading these sources:


Watch: BBC Teach – KS2: Robert Falcon Scott here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/t each/class-clips- video/ks2-robert-falcon- scott/zdhdgwx


Read: Ducksters biography – Roald Amundsen, here: https://www.ducksters.c om/biography/explorers/ roald_amundsen.php


Task 4. Based on all you have read and watched, create a non-chronological report which could feature in National Geographic Kids magazine. Try to include as many facts as possible– planning your layout before you start. You may wish to include images or drawings too.


Extra information and ideas for your layout can be found here: DK Find Out website – Who was the first to the South Pole?: https://www.dkfindout.c om/us/history/explorers/ who-was-first-to-south-pole/


Over to Mrs Fitz for the rest of the week (remember to send any work to me from now on)…

Stilling Time

Go outside in your garden or on your daily walk and enjoy being out in nature. As you walk around, focus on three things you can see, then three things you can hear and finally three things you can touch. Say to yourself…

Looking – what can I see? Wondering how it got there.

Listening – what can I hear? Imagining the thing making that noise.

Touching – what can I feel? Questioning – is it hard, soft, rough smooth, natural, man-made.

End by saying a prayer of thanks for our wonderful creation and all the things were grateful for.



LI – produce artwork in a range of medium inspired by a famous artist.

Today, we are going to start some topic-based artwork. Had we been in school, this would have been an ongoing project that we would have revisited and built on over the weeks. As such, you can make a start on this work today but will be able to revisit it and take your artwork in whatever direction you choose. Any time that you want some more work or are feeling creative, you can come back to this project and keep working on it.

Our topic-based art work will be inspired by the sculptor Antony Gormley.

First, read through the following information and make notes in your home learning book:

Antony Gormley Information

Carry out as much additional research as you want. Then I’d like you to get really creative; you can choose to do this in whatever way you want but here are a few ideas to get you started

I’d love to see what you produce over the coming weeks. I won’t keep reposting this activity so remember to come back to it and keep it going for as long as you want (I will remind you too). Have fun and good luck!

That’s all for now! Well done for all your hard work today! Mrs Fitz xXx