Hi everyone, I hope you are all OK and don’t forget our meet is today at 11am. Here is our work for today:


Watch the clip of Buzz in space.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODa0AufitVY Pay attention to what happens on his journey.

Then watch this:

https://youtu.be/F2GGykIgBiQ We are going to recount what happens in the clip.


Use your phonics:


Record ideas in books or use this template:

Day 3 writing

There are pictures on the first page to use on your screen as a stimulus if you are writing in books.

You could select a few pictures to write some sentences about – you know how many is best for your child.

There are different sheets and only do 1 that you think is best for your child.



Today we are looking at non standard units of measurement.

Standard units are common units of measurement such as centimetres, grams and litres.

Non-standard measurement units might include cups, cubes or sweets.

Watch this:

https://youtu.be/QPi81kpAhyc Then either have a go at one of these:



Or see if you have any non standard units of measurement at home. Do you have any blocks (lego etc) or cubes, paper clips, sweets etc. Find some objects in your house to measure.

What is the longest object you measured?

What is the shortest object you measured?

Did any objects measure the same?



Have a go at this for phonics today:

Phonics – Wed



Have a go at some of these Yoga poses:


Maybe listen to some relaxing music as you do it.



Have a go at one of the activities from the new topic grid:

Transport Home Learning Grid

Or learn more about our solar system:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVPK_u_Dvig Solar system.

Then Can you either find out 3 facts about a planet from our solar system?

Or maybe you could make or paint a planet from our solar system?


Have a great day and let me know how you get on! x