Hi everyone, I hope you’re all OK. Don’t forget we are planning on another class Zoom on Friday 22nd at 11am. I will send a link again via parent app just before 11. Hope to see you there.

Mrs Quinn xx


Today we need to find out the answer to our questions. You don’t need to write all the answers down, you could print them off or save the web links or book pages you found your information in.

You could make notes to help you in books but try not to write out the full answers.

As well as the questions can you find a fun fact too?



Today in Maths we are looking at tally charts. This is not something that we have done in class so far so it is a new concept for them. Use this to understand more about tally charts:

Tally charts day 3 info

There are 2 sheets for today

1 – looks at practicing recording tallies. tally-activity-sheet-no 1- wed if you can’t print just record the answers (no need to draw the pictures) in your books.

2 – looks at using data to record a tally – day 3 tally chart again just record the tallies in your book if you cant print.


Just complete sheet 2 if you think that is best for your child as you will need that for tomorrows lesson.


Have a look at this game if you are looking for more to do:



Maths challenge:

Have a go at this challenge if you would like:

Don’t forget to explain HOW you know the answer.



Today’s sound is ew.

Use this and watch this video for a recap of this sound.

Phonics – day 3




This weeks spellings are:

put     push     pull     full    house     our

They should be up on spelling shed to practice. I will set new spellings the first Wednesday back after half term.


Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a go at the dinosaur stomp:



Mr Garvey PE

Have a go at the PE set by Mr Garvey on his blog.


Extra Activities – if you would like

Today’s sea creature is the penguin.

Use this pdf to learn more


or watch this video:



To follow up, you could get crafty:

Or look at the information then make a penguin life cycle:

penguin life cycle info


Create an origami penguin:


Or look at the different species of penguins here:

penguin species

Select one to research. You could find out – where they live, what do they eat, and some interesting facts.


Or you could read some books on penguins. Do you have any at home?




or Penguin by Polly Dunbar



Hope you have a great day! Please email me any pictures of work done, I would love to see it.

Mrs Quinn