Hi beech Class. I hope you are all well and ready for today’s learning. Don’t forget our GoogleMeet is today at 11am and you will need a number bingo board (see Monday’s blog). I am looking forward to seeing you all then!


Today we are continuing with the story Dot in the Snow. We are going to create a setting description for the story.

Watch this:

Story https://youtu.be/O1pQaEhyi5o

What is a story setting?

A story setting is where the story takes place.

Where does the story take place?

Re watch the story and think about words you could use to describe the setting as you watch:

English Day 3

Have a go at writing your descriptions.


Record in your books if you don’t want to print.

To simplify the task adults could write the sentence started It is and your child could add a descriptive word.



Watch this for today’s maths:

https://vimeo.com/420580980 Then have a go at this:

mAths day 3

CHALLENGE – if you would like extra:

maths challenge day 3



Have a look at this for a phonics recap for today:

Phonics recap – WED


Have a go at Peer massage:

peer massage



Have a go at an activity from the grid:

home learning grid polar regions

Or have a look at this about the Auroras:

https://youtu.be/nHn5OO1t1yc Aurora

Have a look at Miss Threlfall’s art activity for this week:


Then have a go at creating some Aurora Art work:

As Miss Threlfall said, you don’t have to use paint. You could use crayons, pencils or chalks.

Have a great day and please email me over any work you would like to see:

[email protected]

Mrs Quinn x