Good morning Oak Class. I hope you’re all ok, had a nice weekend and have had a lovely couple of days with Mrs Poole.

I hope you’re all ready for the Google Classroom English lesson at 9.45. Fingers crossed we have no technical issues. Don’t worry if you’re not available at that time. The lesson will be on today’s blog as normal and I will record it too so you can catch up later if you want.


LI – to convert metric measures.

BBC website –

Find the Maths lesson for today –  17th June.


For the maths extension task today, I would like you to have a go at The Number of the Week Challenge again from the Lancashire Maths Team. Using the number in the centre of the sheet, answer all of the questions or apply all of the operations in the boxes around it. This would be a great piece of work to take a picture of and share with me.

Number of the Week Y6 17.6.20

I have posted the answers below too. Make sure you don’t look at these until you have finished working (I trust you not to do this).

Number of the Week Y6 17.6.20 Answers


Day 3 – Wednesday

LI – to write limericks and clerihews.

BBC website –

Hopefully you will all join the Google Classroom lesson today so you won’t need this link but I’ve put it on just in case. Find English for today’s lesson 17th June.

Extension – Google Classroom Lesson – 9.45am

Remember, when following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

LI – to write a free-verse poem.

Task 1. Read and enjoy the opening (Flight – pages 1-4) of The Explorer by Katherine Rundell here: https://www.booktrust.o ces/blogs/2017/septemb er/the-explorer- katherine-rundell- extract.pdf

I will share this on the screen during our lesson.

Task 2. Now go back to the chapter you have just read and jot down any words or phrases that interest you and words and phrases that describe the plane – do this in your Home Learning Book. You may want to explore the meaning of some words by using

Task 3. Based on the words and phrases you have collected, write a free- verse poem (a poem without any rules) to summarise the opening chapter.

You may want to alter some words or phrases from the text or add your own to create your poem.

An example opening to a poem based on this chapter could be:


Man-made magic wish, Joystick, throttle, Vibrating,

Flying faster than the setting sun,

Following the swerve of the Amazon River, Vast sweep of blue.


Lancashire Big Sing! – 11am

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Wednesday 17th June            Song 3


Stilling Time

For Stilling Time today, I’d like you to do the yoga/meditiation using the video below. It’s a simple but powerful mindfulness meditation which will help you to learn how to use your breath as a tool to change the way you feel and have an awesome day. Enjoy!


PE – Please access and enjoy Mr Garvey’s PE activity for today.


Topic – Art

For our Topic work today, we will be continuing with the art lessons on the Oak Academy website. I received a couple of examples of the work produced last week and would love to get some more after today’s lesson. Please click on the link below, select foundation subjects and scroll down to the art lessons. Then select Lesson 3 – Optical illusions and using shading to show form.

LI – to look at Optical Illusion artwork before creating our own and to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.

I’d love to see what you produce in this lesson – please send me pictures of your work!

Well done for working so hard today! See you all tomorrow! Mrs Fitz x