Hi everyone. Well done to you all for everything you have done so far this week for your home learning. I am really impressed with you all. Keep it up!


Today we are going to write up the first half of your information text.

Writing up work https://youtu.be/Jl8yYH7gDsg

Start by writing your Title.

Then your first question as a heading.

Then answer your question in a full sentence.

Don’t forget:

  • Use your question as your heading.
  • Write your information under your questions.
  • Write in full sentences
  • Remember:
  • Sound out your words using your robot arms and use this to help:


Save the other half  of your work for tomorrow’s English lesson.


Write it in your books, on a piece of paper or use this template if you would like:


Select the one that is best for your child.


Alternative English

If your child has been finding the writing tricky this week, please do not worry. Every child learns at a different pace and it is OK. Here are some different activities they could do:

label a penguin or a polar bear:



Try to get them to have a go at writing some of the labels.

Or they could use this template to write some describing words for a penguin in a list e.g. black, feathery, calm etc.


Or they could write a simple fact about a penguin e.g. They eat fish.

Or they could have a go at writing a sentence about one of these pictures:


I will create a blog with alternative English writing ideas if people would like to use some of them as an alternative to the writing on the blog.




In maths today we are looking at greater than or less than.

https://youtu.be/keSKoEF0qVQ Comparing numbers

Have a  go at one of these:



Select the one that is best for your child. Just write answers in your books to save printing if you like.


The crocodile always eats the biggest number.

CHALLENGE: Challenge – Symbols For Comparing Activity Cards


Stilling Time

Have a go at this. It is a favourite in class!


Have a go at an activity from the grid:

home learning grid polar regions

Or have a go at one of these challenges:

Please don’t feel you need to print everything, recording answers and work in books is great! If you don’t have a printer, use the resources on the blog and just write answers in your work books.

Please email over any work done, h.quinn@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk, I love to see how you are getting on! Mrs Quinn xx