Hi Everyone,

We will be providing you with lots of teaching ideas and information. Your children are very special indeed and we hold their well being at the forefront of our mind. For this reason, take your time, try not to rush your child, take it at their pace and endeavor to make their learning as practical and fun as you can.

Please send in photographs / activity samples to either –



Next week in Acorn Class, a weeks worth of activites will be set and put on the blog on Sunday. This is so that parents can access the planning and organise their week rather than set tasks for every single day. We will then post a PE activity blog on Wednesday and an RE one on Thursday. We will also organise a couple of Zoom meetings during the week.

Our class timetable (along with lots of other information) can be found on our class webpage if you would like to see our usual daily structure.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Tyson x

Home Learning wb 5th Jan 2020

Phonics Resources –

Phase 2 phoneme cards

Maths Resources –

numbers to 10 matching cards

1 to 5 Maths Sorting Activity Table 2xA4

1 to 5 Maths Sorting Cards