Hi everyone. I hope you are all OK and had a good day yesterday. Here is the learning for today:


Watch the story again:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2XWrrGJcbM Mr Wolf

https://youtu.be/lWjsqbzL5N4 wolf

Can you describe the pancakes the Mr Wolf has made?

Mr Wolf’s pancakes day 2



Today we are carrying on with our work on doubles.

https://youtu.be/BpLAWcSNhzM We are going to have a go at recording some doubles today.

Have a go at one of these:

doubles-to-20-activity Wed


Have a go at the sheet you think is best for your child.

EXTENSION – have a go at doubling larger numbers.

Challenge –


https://youtu.be/7mTS5tzsOkM o_e


Have a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog for today’s activity.


Safer Internet Day 

What is Safer Internet Day?

Today is Safer Internet Day. It is an event, organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre, which aims to promote safe, responsible and positive use of internet technology.

It involves lots of local and national organisations coming together to raise awareness of correct internet practices. They look at lots of topics including consent, ownership and data privacy, and it runs with the slogan, ‘Together for a better internet’. They also raise issues about cyberbullying, digital identity and social networks.

The main goal of Safer Internet Day is to raise awareness and start a conversation about internet safety. One company cannot make the internet wholly safe, but lots of people working together can have a big impact. Its aim is to make a safer and better internet for everyone, especially children and young people.

How can my child get involved?

Children can watch this video clip about what you can trust online. https://vimeo.com/480849087

Today, if your child logs on to Purple Mash, they have been set some 2Do activities linked to Safer Internet Day.

Acceptable Use Policy

In school we have an acceptable use policy for all children. Here is a link to the KS1 version of this policy: AUP KS1 Ellel working from home addition

It would be fantastic if you could take time to read this with your child today and make sure that they fully understand their responsibilities when it comes to use computer technology and the internet safely.

Where can I get more information from about staying safe online?

Parents can visit this website for more information about safe use of the internet: https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2021

Have a great day and send over any work you would like me to see. Mrs Quinn x