Hi Beech Class, I hope you are all well. We are carrying on with our bear theme today…


What famous bears in story books or films do you know?

Can you go and find any of these books and films you may have at home?


Discuss what famous bears from story books or films you know, e.g. Rupert, Paddington, Winnie the Pooh, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Pudsey Bear, Yogi Bear, etc. Ask an adult who their favourite bear is. Can they tell you about them?


Watch some opening clips below on bears you might not know, to find out a little more about them, e.g.


Rupert the Bear (up to 1:00min)


Winnie the Pooh


Yogi Bear



Which one do you like? Why?


Draw your favourite bear and write a short fact file about them. You could write about a different bear that you know that is not listed. This could include:


Where do they come from?  
Likes to eat  


Remember to check for capital letters for their name and use your phonics to help you spell words in your writing.


Use this template if you would like:

bear fact file day 2


Talk about your favourite teddy bear, if you have one, or your favourite soft toy. Tell an adult all about them.

Draw a picture of your teddy/soft toy and write a short fact file in the same way about them too.



Today we are recapping work done on partitioning numbers (splitting them into tens and ones).


Then have a go at this:




Have a go at these challenges if you would like something extra:

Don’t forget to have a go at explaining how you know.



Use this to recap phonics covered so far:

day 2 phonics recap

Choose Word Sort. Recap all the graphemes along the top of the screen and remind
children that they discovered yesterday that they can all represent the same phoneme.
Click the red button to reveal a word card. Ask a child to sound talk the word. Ask all children
to decide which column this word belongs in. Drag the word to the column most children

Continue with the rest of the words. Keep moving at a quick pace. Encourage the child to watch
carefully where words end up on the chart and to look for patterns. Can they identify the best
bet (which is the most commonly used grapheme for the /igh/ phoneme)? Can they find any
other rules (e.g. graphemes that only occur at the start/end of words or before certain letters)?

Go to Best Bet. Ask the children to discuss in pairs which graphemes are hidden behind the
yellow boxes. Ask them to write them on whiteboards. Click on the yellow boxes to reveal the
best guesses.


Don’t forget you could play these games instead of the above:


Select options phase 5 or any of the categories or the phonics screening check.

Or they could have a go at this:


Or this:


Select revise all phase 5.


Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a look at the wellbeing activity set by Mrs O’Donnell on her blog for today.


Extra Activities – if you would like

Can you remember the types of bear you learned about yesterday?

What were they called?

Today you are going to find out where these bears live in the world and stick them on the world map. Find out yourselves or use this to help:



Have a great day everyone and please email me any work you would like me to see. I would love to see what you have been doing. Mrs Quinn xx