Salut Sycamore Class!

Thank you for the jokes sent in over the weekend -please send in more or I might have to start putting my own on like this one…

Q: Why are pirates called pirates?
A: Cause they arrrrr.

Anyway….. back to Home Learning!

Hope everything went okay with your home learning tasks yesterday. This is a new way of working for me and a new challenge, which shows that you never stop learning, no matter how old you are –  and I know I am as old as at least one person’s Grandma in our class!

After yesterday’s task for R.E. I would love to hear about which sports person you found out about. Trisha Zorn the blind swimmer has been mentioned by one of you.

Also, there have been a few problems with Purple Mash. We think it is just heavy traffic so try again later in the day if you are struggling to get on in the morning. Don’t worry if you have completed your task and it isn’t showing up as done. If you have done it I will see it on my teacher login.



Tuesday is usually P.E. so I’m suggesting you join in with Joe Wicks on YouTube at 9am. He is doing a daily P.E. session called – P.E. with Joe.

Don’t forget to stay safe online and get a grown up to supervise you when going onto YouTube.


  • For the start of your Maths today, please complete the 2D set on Purple Mash for practising times tables -this is instead of having our usual times tables test on a Tuesday
  • Following on from yesterday we are looking at written methods for subtraction.

You can use the following link again if you would like to use an interactive place value chart and counters to help you:

You can choose from MILD, SPICY or HOT as usual. Have a look at them all – make sure you are picking a task that challenges you!

MATHS – Mild – written subtraction 24-3-20

MATHS – Spicy – written subtraction 24-3-20

MATHS – Hot – written subtraction 24-3-20

ANSWERS – I trust you not to look at these until after you’ve finished or if your parent needs them to help you!

ANSWERS – MATHS – Mild – written subtraction 24-3-20

ANSWERS – MATHS – Spicy – written subtraction 24-3-20

ANSWERS – MATHS – Hot – written subtraction 24-3-20


We have done some work on debates and tried to persuade for or against deforestation in our Rainforest topic.

For today’s English I would like you to write to your classmates to persuade them to read a book that you really like.

Choose a book that you have really enjoyed reading – don’t forget we have read ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ and most of ‘Journey to the River Sea,’ and you have read lots of books for the Fantastic Book Awards.

Click below for the MILD or SPICY/HOT task.

Persuasive Language Success Criteria

ENGLISH – MILD – Persuasive language – Tuesday 24th March

ENGLISH – SPICY – HOT – Persuasive language – Tuesday 24th March

Stilling Time

Today is GoNoodle day.

Go to :       for GoNoodle Rainbow breath.


Fischy music are live streaming a regular assembly singalong on Mondays at 11am. They are playing some classics that we sing a lot at school and some new songs too.

Mrs Tyson has put a link on our class blog for you to click on.


Some parents have asked for useful websites to use to supplement their child’s home learning. Hopefully there will be a master list available soon on the blog, but in the meantime here are a few: