Hi everyone, I hope you are all OK and are enjoying our new topic. Here is our work for today:


Do you know who this character is?


His name is Zurg.

Do you think he is a good character or a bad character?

What do you know about him already?

Watch this clip about Zurg:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDGn_UgRZXs Zurg

Then watch this:

https://youtu.be/T0hSyoDu340 Have a go at completing a wanted poster for Zurg.

Think about:

  • what does he look like?
  • what kind of character is he?


Use your phonics:


Record ideas in books or use this template:

Day 2 Wanted_poster_Zurg



Watch this:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIQg8e0erEE Have a go at some of these length challenges. Select some of the cards you think are appropriate and complete them at home:




Watch this:

https://youtu.be/OXfL-KtVgDQ phonics 

https://youtu.be/DoPUHeA0CHA Other link mentioned 


Have a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog for today’s activity.


Have a go at one of the activities from the new topic grid:

Transport Home Learning Grid

Or have a go at a Buzz Lightyear craft:

Can you have a go at making a rocket for Buzz?

Have a great day. Let me know how you get on, Mrs Quinn x