Hi Beech Class I hope you are all OK and are enjoying the work on The Highway Rat! I love this story and all books by Julia Donaldson.


Watch The Highway Rat animation film:



or use the link from yesterday if you would prefer:




Stop and pause at each point where the Highway Rat takes food from other animals and ask your child to say what he has taken.


After you have finished watching, ask your child to write a list of the food the Highway Rat wants to take, e.g.



chocolate eclairs,




Or they could do it in a sentence


The Highway Rat wants to take cake, chocolate eclairs, puddings and buns.


Remind them of the work we did on commas in lists before the half term.

When writing lists. Commas break up lists to give us time to breathe and better organise our sentences. For example, we can say, “I bought some apples, some bananas and some grapes”, including the comma after ‘apples’ to add clarity.



Encourage your child to use their phonics to help them sound out the words and write them independently.



Challenge Activity (if you want any more to do) – create a list of the things you would like to eat,

also focusing on the spelling of the words phonetically, e.g.






You could do this in a sentence too if you would prefer.



Today we are looking at counting in 5’s


Use the link above then select Week 7 w/c 7th June

And look at Lesson 2 – Count in 5


Then try this:

maths Lesson-2-Count-in-5s-2019

You could always use this song that we use in class too:




Have a go at this challenge if you would like something extra:

Don’t forget to have a go at explaining how you know.


Or you could have a go at this counting in 5’s game


  1. Choose the steps you wish to count in – which is 5’s for today
  2. Look at the target number.
    3.Look at the starting number.
    4. Count in steps of 5 from the starting number and press the correct duck.



Today we are looking at alternative ch:

phonics day 2


Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a look at the wellbeing activity set by Mrs O’Donnell on her blog for today.


Extra Activities – if you would like

You could pick an activity from the animals home learning grid:

Animals – home learning grid


Or you could continue with the 30 Days Wild challenge https://action.wildlifetrusts.org/page/57739/petition/1

Here are some ideas you could use:





Have a great day and please send any pictures you wish of how your child has got on!

Mrs Quinn