Hi Beech class. I hope you are all well. For our Zoom today at 1;45, can you prepare cards that have   A  B  and   C on them for our class quiz so you can hold up your answer to the questions. Hope to see you all then!


In English, We are going to carry on with our favourite book and today design a new book cover.

What is usually on the front of a book? Have a look at a book you like (your favourite one if you have it) and make a list of what you can see.

Characters, places, the name of the author, a title?

Can you create a new book cover for your favourite book and include the features above.

dAY 2-design-a-book-cover-activity-sheet



For maths – recap the work on money. What coins do we have? Look at this:

Then play shops for maths. Look at the board and use real coins (if you have them) or draw coins on a piece of paper to make the amounts needed.

day 2-Coin-Addition-Bingo-Game-to-20p_ver_1



Or you could have a go at this:



Have a go at one of the activities from one of these grids:





Have a great day! Mrs Quinn xx