Good morning superstars!


LI – to write an advert for a travel brochure.
Explore the fictitious planet ‘Pandora’ from the film Avatar by watching the clip below. (Note: Although Avatar has a 12 certificate, this extract is age appropriate).
Pandora Discovered:


After watching once, watch again – this time making notes in your Home Learning Book about the planet as you watch. You may find pausing the clip at these times helpful to write down your notes:
– 0:00 – 0:56 mins
– 0:56 – 2:04 mins
– 2:04 – 3:33 mins
– 3:33 – end.

Based on the notes you have written, create a page, which might appear in a travel brochure, advertising a space trip to Pandora. When writing your advertisement, consider these points:
– Have you included an enticing title which will draw the reader in?
– Begin with an opening paragraph which gives an overview of Pandora and why they might want to visit.
– Include short sub-sections which describe what they might see if they took the trip.
– Don’t forget to use persuasive features, such as: appealing adjectives to describe the attractions, rhetorical questions, imperative verbs, e.g. ‘grab a ticket’ ‘book now’, facts and figures about Pandora.

Remember to keep checking through your work for spelling and punctuation and to share your travel brochure adverts with me. Good luck!



Today, we will be continuing with our multiplication work from Abacus Textbook 3. The LI is the same as yesterday:

LI – to multiply by integers and decimals

I would like you to work through pages 32, 33 and 34 (like yesterday, some of you may get further than others – just like if we were in school). Pay attention to the tips inside the speech bubbles on page 32 – they are useful. Remember to show your working out in your Home Learning Book.

Abacus Textbook 3 P32, 33, 34

Abacus Textbook 3 P32, 33, 34 ANSWERS

Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time activity for today and enjoy your time with her.


Wellbeing – Learning Something New

This afternoon, we are continuing with our wellbeing/transition work. Like last time, I have set this work on Google Classroom. I know some of us are still having a few issues accessing or submitting this work, so I’ve also attached the PDF below. This means you can print it out and write on the sheet if you have any issues on Google Classroom.

Wellbeing – Learning Something New

I’ve given you until next Monday to complete this piece of work. It shouldn’t take you too long to do. The thinking and discussing is just as important as the writing. Instructions from Google Classroom:

Please read the information on the worksheet really carefully and if possible, talk to someone at home or at school about it (the discussing is just as important as the recording). This is all about celebrating the great skills and talents that you already have and recognising the benefits of learning and developing new ones. Remember to be kind to yourself – these don’t have to be huge or unachieveable and they may well be things you’ll naturally do once you start high school. Try to enjoy this piece of work.

Well done everyone. See you all tomorrow! Mrs Fitz x