Good morning Oak Class and welcome to another day of learning!

Remember that we will have a live lesson at 9am today – see you soon.

Today is World Book Day! Had we been in school we would all be dressed up in amazing costumes looking like our favourite book characters but we need to do things a bit differently this year. It’s still as important as ever to celebrate World Book Day so the main focus of our learning this afternoon will be based on World Book Day. Also, as a special surprise (and in addition to my usual chapter of The Explorer – below) there will also be a story session for you to enjoy with another familiar face from school…


Maths (this will be the focus of our live lesson).

LI – To recognise that shapes with the same areas can have different perimeters and vice versa.

If you are unable to join the live lesson, please make sure you very carefully read the examples on P98 of Target Your Maths to remind you how to calculate area and perimeter as this will be the focus of the live lesson.

Once you have done so, select from Section A, B or C of TYM – remember you can self-assess and move on at any point. The link to the answers is below so you can mark your work and address any misconceptions.

Area and Perimeter TYM

Area and Perimeter TYM Answers



LI – to write an advert for a travel brochure.
Explore the fictitious planet ‘Pandora’ from the film Avatar by watching the clip below. (Note: Although Avatar has a 12 certificate, this extract is age appropriate).
Pandora Discovered:


After watching once, watch again – this time making notes in your Home Learning Book about the planet as you watch. You may find pausing the clip at these times helpful to write down your notes:
– 0:00 – 0:56 mins
– 0:56 – 2:04 mins
– 2:04 – 3:33 mins
– 3:33 – end.

Based on the notes you have written, create a page, which might appear in a travel brochure, advertising a space trip to Pandora. When writing your advertisement, consider these points:
– Have you included an enticing title which will draw the reader in?
– Begin with an opening paragraph which gives an overview of Pandora and why they might want to visit.
– Include short sub-sections which describe what they might see if they took the trip.
– Don’t forget to use persuasive features, such as: appealing adjectives to describe the attractions, rhetorical questions, imperative verbs, e.g. ‘grab a ticket’ ‘book now’, facts and figures about Pandora.

Remember to keep checking through your work for spelling and punctuation and to share your travel brochure adverts with me. Good luck!


Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time Activity for today and enjoy your time with her.



For a short music session today, I’d like you to access the Lancashire Music Service Jump Up & Join In lesson 1. The short session includes some vocal techniques, concentration exercises and songs. Enjoy!


World Book Day focus

To make sure that we celebrate World Book Day and the importance and joy of reading, I am making this the main focus for the afternoon. I have provided you with a World Book Day Menu (click link below) which is full of a range of activities that support different areas of the curriculum. You won’t be able to do them all – I want you to have a really good read and select the one(s) that you feel most inspired by. You can gauge the amount of work that you need to do by how much learning time we have in a usual afternoon at school – I would say that an hour is a minimum. I really want to see what you come up with so please make sure you share your work with me. Good luck and enjoy!

World Book Day Menu

Well done for a great day’s learning. See you all tomorrow and remember that our live lesson is at 1pm tomorrow afternoon. Mrs Fitz 🙂