Good morning Oak Class; I hope you’re all ok!

Remember we have a live lesson at 9am this morning where we will register, discuss learning for the day and share some work. See you then!

Here’s the link to the next chapter of Letters From The Lighthouse – I say in the recording that it’s the penultimate chapter – I mean the penultimate chapter I will read. Tomorrow, I’ll read you my last chapter and then Mrs Poole will finish off the book next week. Sorry if I confuse you! 😉


Daily Reading

Please remember to spend some time each day reading. 30 minutes is about right but obviously you can do more if you want! It’s really important to keep your reading skills up and it’s also a great way to relax and improve your knowledge in all sorts of areas. Read whatever interests you and try to read as widely as you can. It would be great if you could continue to record your daily reading in your school planner.



LI – to write a narrative voice over.

Task 1. Explore Ernest Shackleton and one of the most remarkable survival stories of  all time by reading (page 5 Ernie’s Endurance to the end of Trial 8 on page 7) of Science of Survival: Ouch! Extreme Feats of Human Endurance by Georgina Phillips here: https://www.lovereading cience-Of-Survival-Ouch- Extreme-Feats-of- Human-Endurance-by- Georgina-Phillips.html (You will need to become a member of LoveReading4Kids. Membership is free).

Further information about Ernest Shackleton can be found here Britannica Kids – Ernest Shackleton: m/students/article/Ernest-Shackleton/336260


Task 2. Now watch and enjoy a short video clip based on Shackleton’s 1914 expedition:


Task 3. After watching, create a narrative (or voice-over) which could accompany this clip.

You may wish to do this as:


  • The Story of Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition – write a story of the expedition which can be read alongside the clip.




  • Imagining the clip is for a film trailer, create the voice over advertising the film to be released in the cinema.


Once you have written the script, have a go at reading it over the clip – making sure it fits in the time and you get all your information across to your viewer and listener. Then send your work to me.



LI – multiply simple pairs of proper fractions, writing the answer in its simplest form.

Below is the link to the independent work from Abacus Textbook 2. As explained in the video, if you normally do:

Section A – start on page 20 and move onto 21 as an extension

Section B – start on page 21 and move onto 22 as an extension

Section C – do page 22 and 23

Abacus Multiplying Fractions

Here is the link to the answers:

Abacus Multiplying Fractions Answers

Extension – Work on the Nrich Matching Fractions online challenge:

Good luck!


Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time activity for today and enjoy your time with her.



LI – to write new words for a sea shanty.  To perform the sea shanty.

Please watch my lesson input in the video below:

Now have a go at planning and writing your own Sea Shanty using the PDF below. Those of you who play a musical instrument could have a go at recording the backing track and then sing your lyrics over the top. The rest of you could incorporate some percussion using household objects. I’d love it if you could perform and record your shanty and then send it to me. Maybe you could even do a virtual collaboration with a friend!?! Good luck!

Sea Shanties Composition Sheet

Well done for all your hard work today! See you all in the morning!

Mrs FitzGerald x