Good morning Oak Class. I hope you’re all ok and are enjoying the week so far.

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Here’s today’s installment of The Explorer; the second part of ‘The Monkeys and the Bees’ which Mrs Poole started yesterday:

Now for today’s work…


LI – to write a biography or a comic strip.

Discover who Katherine Johnson was and her amazing life by reading these sources – making sure you jot down notes in your Home Learning Book as you read:

The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson by Devika Jina:


There are quite a lot of pages but not a great deal of information on many of them so there isn’t too much to read and make notes on.

Fantastically Great Women who Worked Wonders by Kate Pankhurst (Page 1):


NASA website: Who was Katherine Johnson? udience/forstudents/k- 4/stories/nasa- knows/who-was- katherine-johnson-k4

Based on what you have read, select one of the following two outcomes:

  • BiographyWrite a short biography about Katherine’s life. Remember to write your biography in chronological order (from Katherine’s birth up until her death), selecting the key dates and facts about her life.


Comic stripDesign and create a comic strip about Katherine’s life. Make sure you plan out the story for your comic first – thinking about how many sections you want to split the story into, what captions you’ll have to add to the comic and the pictures you will draw.

Please remember to share your work with me.



LI – solve problems involving similar shapes where the scale factor is known or can be found.

Please start today’s lesson by watching my teaching input video:

Now have a go at applying your learning about scale factor to the following questions:

Using and Calculating Scale Factors

Using and Calculating Scale Factors Answers

Extension- Spend some time working on Mathletics.


Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time blog for today and enjoy your time with her.



LI – to consider what can we learn from Captain Sir Tom Moore

As many of you will know, Captain Sir Tom Moore sadly died a few weeks ago. He was being treated in hospital for pneumonia and coronavirus but passed away on a Tuesday afternoon. The army veteran became famous when he raised millions of pounds for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. After his death, the Queen issued a statement saying,
“My thoughts and those of the royal family are with Captain Tom’s relatives, I recognise the inspiration he provided for the whole nation and others across the world.”

So… What can we learn from Captain Sir Tom Moore? 

Look at the poster image.

  • What do we know about Captain Sir Tom Moore and his achievements? Do we know much about his life before last year?
  • Watch the Prime Minister’s tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore found in this useful video link:
  • Can you recall three positive examples that Boris Johnson outlined in the clip? Boris said that Captain Sir Tom Moore was ‘a beacon of hope for the world.’ What do you think he means by this and do you agree?
  • Read through the information found on the resource about Captain Sir Tom Moore’s life:
  • What do you think is his greatest achievement? What will he be remembered for the most? Why do you think he inspired so many? Captain Sir Tom’s main goal was not be famous but to raise awareness of the NHS. He previously has said he remembers the days before its creation, when getting ill meant worrying about having to pay for treatment. Do you think Captain Sir Tom achieved his aim?
  • Whilst undertaking his first challenge of completing 100 laps in his garden, initially hoping to raise £1,000 for charity, Captain Sir Tom had said, “One small soul like me won’t make much difference”. Why do you think he might have said this? Do you think he was right?
  • Many people have said that Captain Sir Tom Moore will leave a huge legacy. What do you think we mean by legacy and what do you think the impact of Captain Sir Tom’s lasting message will be?

Captain Sir Tom Moore was an inspiration to us all during difficult times. Through his courage, perseverance and strength at the age of 99, he united the nation.


In April 2020 during the first national coronavirus lockdown, Captain Sir Tom set himself a small challenge to raise £1,000 for NHS charities by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. He raised £33 million and became famous all around the world! Can you set yourself a challenge of doing something 100 times to raise awareness of something you care about? This could be through an exercise like Captain Sir Tom, drawing, completing an activity for 100 minutes. This could also be a Lent challenge – what a great time of year to do something like this! Please remember to share your challenge idea with me and let me know how you get on.


Well done for another great day’s work! See you tomorrow! Mrs Fitz 🙂