Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all ok and had a nice evening.

Today’s work is below. Remember, Mrs Poole and I aren’t expecting you to do the BBC maths and English work and the extra work we are setting (unless you want to that is). Some of you will feel that the BBC work is of a more appropriate level for you and others will prefer what we have set. We are happy for you to choose whichever you feel works best for you or do both if you want extra.


Go to BBC website

Find the English lesson for today – 23 April: English

Record the LI below in your Home Learning book and record any notes that you might want to make, etc in your book. Wtach the videos, read the information and do the online activities. The final activity is a twinkl sheet – you can either print out the sheet or copy the work into your home learning book.

LI – To learn how to make your writing and descriptive by using adjectives, synonyms and antonyms.

Extension English task

LI – write a descriptive poem using noun phrases.

  1. Read and watch the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright using the following link:


You can also listen to the poem using this link:

  1. Use WordHippo: to investigate any words which you are unsure of. Write synonyms of these words and a definition in your Home Learning book.
  2. Imagine the poem is now called ‘The Magic Shop’. What would you find in your magic shop?

In your Home Learning book, list some noun phrases to describe your magic shop.

  1. Now write your own poem called ‘The Magic Shop’ using the structure of ‘The Magic Box’, e.g.

‘I will put in the shop

A delicate, ornate wand swishing silently on its own’


Use the 23 April: Maths lesson on the BBC website:

LI – To understand how addition and subtraction can be done in different ways.

Watch the video clips, read all the information (make any notes or jottings that you want to in your Home Learning book), complete the four online activities.

Maths Extension

Today is actually St. George’s Day and you will be completing The Mystery of the Missing Knight by solving clues 4 and 5. As the document is a PDF, the answers are at the end of it. Make sure you don’t look ahaed or you’ll ruin it for yourself! Once you have solved all of the clues you can then look at the answers to check if you are correct!


Stilling Time

Following on with our Connecting focus, I’d like you to ask someone at home to do the Follow the Ball activity with you. If you’ve not got a ball, just choose any object and use that. In pairs, one parter holds a ball and moves it around them as creatively as they can. The partner copies, mirrioring the movements. Swap over to repeat. How is it to follow or lead? What was the connection like between you?


LI – to develop drawing or painting skills and imagination.

For those of you who have been choosing to do the English challenge work, today you have written a poem called The Magic Shop. The artwork for today is to produce a detailed and imaginative drawing or painting of your magic shop. Don’t worry if you’ve not done the English challenge, do the drawing or painting anyway. Have fun thinking about all the amazing things that would be inside a Magic Shop. What would it look like? What would the items do? You could always look online for some inspiration.

You will need your drawing or painting of The Magic Shop for tomorrow’s English Challenge so make sure you get round to doing it today.

Have fun!