Hi everyone. I hope you are all OK. I have been trying to plan some things to do for our upcoming Zoom on Friday. I have found lots of games to play that I think the class will enjoy. I would like to play number bingo as one of the activities. Before the zoom, if you can, can you draw a 3 x 2 grid with 6 numbers 10 -20 on it just like this:

Maybe if you could have 2 grids ready with different numbers on, that would be great as we may play 2 games. I hope this sounds OK and don’t forget I will send out the zoom link just before 11 this time via Parent App.

Mrs Quinn xx


Today, you are going to use all the information you have found to write up the first half of your report.

Use this information to help to write up the first half of the non – chronological report.

Day 1 of writing our report – day 4 info

Normally, we split big pieces of writing up in Y1 as we find we get better quality work when we do this.

Use this format:

report template to write on

If you can’t print write it up in books.

If you are putting it in books, you may want to leave space to add tomorrow’s half of the report, so it is all together.



Recap bar charts from the other day and look at this:

Bar Graph info

Have a go at this game where you collect tallies and create a bar chart:


If it doesn’t work, you can always have a go again at top marks bar chart to recap the concept.



select your theme and then select 10 or 20 intervals all marked.


Then use your tally chart from yesterday, to put the data into this bar chart:

day 4 bar chart

Maths Challenge – only if you want more to do.

Have a go at this challenge if you would like:

Don’t forget to explain HOW you know the answer.

Or there is this tally and bar chart if you would like more to do:

maths bar chart challenge day 4



Today’s sound is oe.

Use this and watch this video for a recap of this sound.

Phonics day 4



Wellbeing activity of the day

Have a look at the wellbeing activity set by Mrs O’Donnell on her blog for today.


Extra Activities – if you would like

Today’s sea creature is the starfish (or after watching this video I should maybe say sea stars).


You could get crafty:

These websites look useful:




You could complete this fact file on a starfish

star fish fact file

star fish information

Or pick one species (type) of star fish (as there are lots) and find out more about them.