Hi Beech Class. It was lovely to see you all yesterday. Well done for all the work you have done so far this week. I am really proud of you all. Here is today’s learning:



https://youtu.be/I6DcmamdPXY English

Miki and Dot like being together and going on adventures.

What do they do in the story together?

What else could they do?

Draw your ideas and write words to show what you have drawn.

English day 4



Standard units are what we usually use to measure things like weight, length and volume. Standard units that would be introduced in primary school are grams, kilograms, meters, kilometres, mililitres and litres.

Non standard units are used by children in EYFS and Year 1 to introduce without having to use scales of any kind as this can make it seem more complicated.

Watch this to learn more about how to measure objects using non standard units of measure:

https://youtu.be/3KcEoGgv1Do Have a go at one of these activities for the maths for today. Either:

Use scales you have in your home to measure how much object weighs. I understand you may not have balance scales, any scale you have will do.

Make some cakes:

Maths thurs 2

Or have a go at this:

Thursday maths

Don’t feel you have to do all the activities. Pick what is best for your child.




https://youtu.be/pPxLoL_hYms Thursday


Have a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog for today.



Today, have a look at learning about the Inuit people:

t-t-17102-inuit-information-powerpoint_ver_1 (1)

Then have a go at building your own Inuksuk:

Or have a go at some Inuit art:

Have a great day and please email me over any work you would like to see:


Mrs Quinn x