Good morning Oak Class!

Happy Thursday!

Remember that we are having a live lesson today at 9:30am where I will be delivering your input for Maths. I’m looking forward to seeing you all then!

Here is the next chapter of Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll – X Marks The Spot for you to listen to at any point today. Enjoy!



LI – to use negative numbers in context and calculate intervals across zero.

Yesterday with Mrs Poole, you began working with negative numbers. Today, during our live lesson, we will look together at some questions that require us to use negative numbers in context. Then, independently, you will work from Target Your Maths (TYM) to continue adding and subtracting negative numbers.

Remember that TYM is divided into sections and that in school, you are given the responsibility to select the most appropriate section for you. You should do this at home too.

Section A – for those that are feeling less confident.

Section B – a bit more of a challenge.

Section C – the most difficult section.

You can always start on one section and then move yourself on if your confidence and understanding is growing. Just remember to write the section and question numbers on your work. Please click the PDF link below to access TYM and work in your Home Learning Book.

TYM Add and Subtract Negative Numbers

Here is the link to the answers so that you can mark your work as we would do in school:

TYM Add and Subtract Negative Numbers Answers

TYM Negative Numbers Answers – C



LI – write a descriptive poem using noun phrases.

First, read and watch the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright using the following link:


You can also listen to the poem using this link:

Next, use WordHippo: to investigate any words which you are unsure of. Write synonyms of these words and a definition in your Home Learning book.

Imagine the poem is now called ‘The Magic Shop’. What would you find in your magic shop?

In your Home Learning book, list some noun phrases to describe your magic shop.

Your main task is to write your own poem called ‘The Magic Shop’ using the structure of ‘The Magic Box’, e.g.

‘I will put in the shop

A delicate, ornate wand swishing silently on its own’

Try to make your poems as descriptive as possible and be ambitious with your vocabulary.

Please remember to send your finished poems to me – I can’t wait to see them. Hint – your artwork this afternoon is linked to this lesson (have a quick look at the lesson below). I wanted to tell you as it may influence what you want to put in your Magic Shop poem.


Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time activity for today and enjoy your time with her.



LI – to develop drawing or painting skills and imagination.

Today in English, you wrote a poem called The Magic Shop. The artwork for today is to produce a detailed and imaginative drawing or painting of your magic shop. Have fun thinking about all the amazing things that would be inside your Magic Shop. What would it look like? What would the items do? You could always look online for some inspiration.

You will need your drawing or painting of The Magic Shop for tomorrow’s English work so make sure you get round to doing it today and send me a picture when you’ve finished.

Have fun! Mrs Fitz x