Hi everyone!

Can’t believe it’s Thursday already, hope you are having a good week.


LPDS TV has been devised for teachers, parents and children, offering short and simple tips, games and activities to keep children engaged with home learning.

Each episode lasts around 10 minutes and will be available for free on the Learning Excellence YouTube channel and Facebook page on a weekly basis.

This episode features ‘online science support’ with Rachael Webb, ‘maths pong’ with Andrew Taylor, ‘quiz time’ with Rob Musker, ‘propagating Hydrangeas’ with Steven Kenyon and ‘ideas for spelling’ with Nicola Martin.

Click below for the link:





Here is a game for you to play for a starter activity today or for anytime. Watch the video to find out how to play.  Try to have a go at the third version of the game as it will help you to practise your knowledge  and understanding of factors.


L.I. – To recognise and calculate complements to 1.

I would like everyone to watch the video which you will find on the link below. Just click on summer Term Week 1 Lesson 3:


If you are choosing Spicy or Hot then do the following from the Get the Activity sheet.

Spicy  – Questions 1-3

Hot – Questions 4-8 are Hot but I would say also have a go at 1-3


When you have watched the video, have a go at these questions;

Mild – Complements to 1

ANSWERS Mild – Complements to 1


If would like a further challenge you can have a go at the task below:

Complements to 1

Answers – Complements to 1



Ask a grown-up to test you on your spellings. Make  sure you  correct any you get wrong.

Well done -we are currently 2nd and 3rd place on Spelling Shed. Willow Class are currently 1st.

Your New Spellings should be on Spelling Shed.


Today, we will follow the next lesson looking at character descriptions with a focus on relative clauses, which we have looked at in class. (Did you notice that sentence is a relative clause? The relative pronoun used was WHICH).

As usual, watch the video until it tells you to go to the activity.

Click Next Activity, which is at the bottom of the screen. Have a go at the activity. Remember, you can always watch the video more than once to help with your understanding. If you find the activity tricky, make sure you still watch the rest of the video by clicking on the video which is minimised at the top right hand-side of your screen.

The spelling section at the end is a good revision for you if you have already learnt then in class and it is a good introduction if you haven’t done them before.

Click below for the link to the lesson:




If you watched the video from yesterday you will know that I have set you the challenge to produce a Mayan Temple.

L.I. – To use historical sources to find out about the past.

Today we are going to look at what the Maya left behind.

Buildings are a good historical source, as they can tell us a lot about the people who made them. They can tell us about their skills, lifestyle and beliefs, among other things. Today we are going to think about how buildings that have been left behind tell us  about the Maya way of life.

Click below for videos and slides to help you:




Choose a type of building.

You can either draw a picture of the building, draw a labelled diagram or write a list of facts.

Here are other websites you could use;




STILLING TIME – with Mrs O’Donnell. Check out the blog for her post.

What else will you be doing today? 

I’m going to find out when hedgehogs come out of hibernation – I wonder if the hedgehog is still in the compost heap in my garden? Did it hibernate there or was it just looking for food? I will never know!

Whatever you are doing  – have a great day!


Mrs Padfield