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Well done with the learning you have done so far this week.

I’m really proud of you!



if you need help with any of the activities I have set for you, please send me an email. It is much easier to answer your questions in an email rather than through the comments on the blog. I have helped lots of your classmates this way so don’t worry about asking – I know that if we were in class you would ask me for help and it is just the same now that you are Home Learning.

I am here for you!



Today’s learning is on Mathletics.

There is more than one activity for you to do. Most of you have tasks on the topic of percentage / fraction/ decimal equivalents. Some have other tasks set.

I will be able to see when you have completed them.


L.I. – To identify features of a character description.

We are carrying on today with our work on character descriptions.

  • Everyone should watch the whole video.
  • If you find the activity challenging, don’t worry. Make sure you watch the end of the video where the answers are given so that you know how you could have done it so that you know what to do next time.
  • You don’t have  to do the Spellings activity at the end of the video for -able words, but it is a good revision of spellings for Kappa and Omega. Pi and individual spellers could take a look, as these are spellings that you will be doing in the future.


Remember, follow the instructions in the video.

When you are asked to do the activity, you need to click Close Video and then click on Next Activity. When you have finished the activity you can click back onto the video which should be minimised in the top right hand of your screen.

You will need to click below to get the lesson:




Please click below for today’s learning:

Science – Materials Wednesday 29th April



For this you could do the smile activity posted by Mrs O’Donnell yesterday.

Have a great day!


Mrs Padfield