Hi Everyone!

Just a quick message about the Grammar Practice that some of you were doing before we broke up. You can get free copies of familiarisation tests for English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning on the GL Assessment website which is linked in on the LRGS and LGGS websites. There are two of every test so that would give you one per week for the next 6 weeks.




Today we are carrying on with percentages.

L.I.   – To represent percentages as fractions and decimals.

Watch the  video from  lesson 4 below: Have a go at the starter questions – some are easier than others.


The activity and answers are next to the video on the website but I have also added them below if it helps.

Have a go at the questions. They get gradually more challenging so work up to where you can manage them.





Try to make sure you find time to keep practicing your times tables. You can do this online by playing times tables games on Mathletics etc. The website below has a timed test that you can use. Just select the tables you want to test:


Some parents have asked for some times tables sheets like we use in class. If you click the link below you can create your own sheets with the times tables you want to test and the number of questions you would like, just follow the instructions on screen:






Here’s another great website for you to take a look at especially if you  are a fan of David Walliams. It has all the audio books on that he has read so far on his ELEVENSES section and lots of activities for you to do.



Today’s lesson focusses on fact retrieval in reading. Click the link below and then select lesson 2 English.


When you are asked to pause the video to complete the activity, pause it and then click on Next activity. You can then click to read the passage and then answer the questions. The video is minimised at the top right hand-side of the screen for you to go back to.


L.I. – To explore the significance of the life of Jochebed

Who was she? (Moses mother)

Watch the clip below to find out about the early life of Moses:


Watch this short clip from the Disney film The Prince of Egypt which focusses on Jochebed’s decision to try to save Moses.   Moses’ mother, sister and brother run from their home to escape the soldiers and take baby Moses to the river in his basket.


Have a go at talking through your thoughts about the following questions with someone at home:

  1. Why did Moses’ mother put him in a basket to float him down the river?
  2. What would have happened if she had not done this?
  3. How was she feeling?
  4. Why could this be described as a significant moment?

Now  have a go at the next task. You could print the sheet off, copy it into your book or do it on a Word Document.

R.E. Monday 27th April



Think this has got to become our class dance!

Who’s your favourite?

Is it Not Dog, McPufferson or someone else?



A great start to the week Sycamore Class – well done.

You’re doing an amazing job.

See you tomorrow

Mrs Padfield