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Starter: Factor Feeder

It would be a good idea to write down the factors of the number before clicking the Start button.


L.I. -To identify prime numbers.

Key facts about prime numbers:

  • A prime number can only be divided by itself and 1. Therefore it has only 2 factors.
  • 1 is not a  prime number
  • 2 is the only even prime number.


Watch the video below for a reminder of prime numbers:


Have a go at learning the first few prime numbers – scroll down for the answers:


SPICY/HOT- use the sheets below:


HOT Q7-10

Y5 Autumn Block 4 WO4 Prime numbers 2019

Y5 Autumn Block 4 ANS4 Prime numbers 2019


Spicy – now finish by watching the further challenge video

Hot – watch the further challenge video and then complete ether the second or third sheet below:



Further Challenge:

Watch the following video about prime factors:


True or False?

Give a reason for your choice.




 New Spellings are on Spelling Shed – remember to practise!


BBC Bitesize

L.I. – To use inference.

Watch the videos, then try activities 2 and 3.



L.I. To write a non-fiction magazine article.

Read about ten of the latest inventions created here:

Imagine you are to write a countdown of the Top 5 Latest Inventions for a technology magazine.
Select your top five based on the ten you have just read about and write your countdown.

Try to include a short explanation of what the invention is and why it features in your Top 5.
Remember to read back through your work to check for spelling and punctuation.



L.I. – Begin to recognise and describe the extent of  change in a civilisation.

Today we are finding out about what changes have happened to the Maya, over time.

Use the web page below:

Watch the video and make notes about changes that happened between these dates:

732 AD to  1150 AD

1150 AD to 1750 AD

1750 AD to today


Now look at the slides about the Maya today and make notes.


You can decide how to present what you have found out by choosing from the following:


  • Create a timeline using key facts and using drawings to illustrate them.
  • Make a poster
  • Create a PowerPoint
  • Write a report
  • Write a script for a presentation


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