Morning Everyone!

Thank you so much for sending in your writing and maths examples last week. I could see that lots of you enjoyed the English work on the Titanic. It is very useful for me to see how you are doing and hopefully I can give you some encouragement to keep up your great efforts.

I look forward to seeing your next pieces some time this week!





Practise your place value:


L.I. – To identify multiples.

Click below for a simple reminder of  multiples;


Watch the video below. Listen to each question – pause the video and have a go in your book or on the sheet if you can print it out- then watch how to work it out.

Remember – you can use times tables to help with multiples.



SPICY /HOT use the sheets below:


HOT Q8-10 plus the further challenge sheet.

Y5 Autumn Block 4 WO1 Multiples 2019

The answers are below:

Y5 Autumn Block 4 ANS1 Multiples 2019


Further Challenge – select the last worksheet – scroll through for the answers:





L.I. – To identify and use coordinating conjunctions.

Today’s lesson looks at coordinating conjunctions. There are a couple of videos and some activities to try. Click the link below:



L.I. – To justify opinions with reasons.

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


Watch the BBC clip:  What is an invention?

After watching the clip, write your own definition of what an invention is.
Now read about some key inventions in history.

You will need to create a  login for to read the next text.

I have included mine below which might work!



PASSWORD: Sycamore2020


Then  click on  ‘ Read an extract’ on the left hand-side. I have added it to  ‘My Bookshelf’  at the top of the screen if you wanted to read it again another time.

Based on what you have just read, select the invention you think is the most important.

Write down which invention you have chosen, a short description of it and why you think it is the most important.


  • Accurate punctuation
  • Precise vocabulary
  • Opinions backed up with reasons e.g.  In my opinion…   This is clearly the most important…



L.I. -To understand what Paul taught through his letters.

Paul wrote instructions about Christian living and the best way to follow Jesus. He told people when they were doing wrong and how to put it right.

Corinth was a city-state  on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnese to the mainland of Greece, roughly halfway between Athens and Sparta.

The video below has part of St. Paul’s First Letter to the newly formed Christian community in Corinth.

Watch the video and think about what Paul was trying to teach.

What do you think love is?

Write your own version of Paul’s message in a poem called:

Love is…

Find someone to share your poem with.



In case you need to find a quiet place…

Great job Sycamore Class.

Hopefully you are now chilled out and can enjoy the rest of your day.

Love and miss you all

Mrs Padfield