Half way through the week already – where do the days go?

Just a quick reminder about the Mayan Temple Activity. This is to be completed by Wednesday next week so that I have time to share photos on the blog at the end of the week when we celebrate all the fantastic learning you are doing at home.



Today’s starter is a fun, maths trick on the video below.

You will need to have the correct spellings for writing numbers so you could use your Reading Record as this has the spellings in it or you could use this sheet :


To make the trick work, make sure you spell the numbers correctly – ask an adult to check for you if you are not sure.

Remember you can pause the video to give yourself time to write the numbers and add them up. The answer is given later in the video so keep watching.

This would be a great activity to try out on someone at home to amaze them with your maths!

On the video, there are some other great ideas for other activities you might want to try after you have finished your set home-learning tasks, such as noughts and crosses made from sticks and stones and how to make a small wildlife pond.


Today’s lesson introduces another unit of measurement for mass – the tonne.

L.I. To solve problems using measurements of mass.

Everyone should watch the video, remembering to pause when you need to.




Have a go at the activities on the video.

Here’s a simple poster with equivalents.



Choose a sheet to have a go at   – scroll down to the next sheet for the answers:


Check to see if you have anything to finish on Mathletics.



Ask someone to test you on your spellings – practise any you got wrong so that you know how to spell them next time.

Today’s lesson is:

L.I. – To identify features of a text (diary entry).

Everyone should watch the whole video. 

Spicy/ Hot

Have a go at the activity.



Choose from the 1,2 or 3 star sheet. The answers are after each worksheet.

-chicken-life-cycle comprehension



How did your salt and sugar investigation go?

What happened to the sugar?

Has your salt made a one big salt crystal yet?

Please send photos to show me what happened.


Today’s lesson:

L.I. – To recognise reversible and irreversible changes.

Find out about reversible and irreversible changes by watching the videos below:


Here’s a tasty video about reversible changes!


That’s made we want some chocolate!


Now have a go at the sheet below – you can copy the table into your book if you don’t have a printer.

Differentiated Identifying Changes Activity Sheet


A great way to learn about reversible and irreversible changes is to do some baking or cooking!

Talk to your grown-up at home and decide on a recipe you can make together, this could be a baking recipe or something for tea.

Once you have made it – fill in the table below or copy it into your book:

reversible and irreversible changes record sheet

Enjoy eating today’s science lesson!



Here’s some lovely relaxing music that we have used a lot in Stilling Time in class. Read and follow the instructions below. Can you get someone in your house to join in with you today?

  • Play the music
  • Get yourself comfortable –  lie down.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Now start by tensing your toes for a short time and then relax.
  • Now tense your whole foot -then relax.
  • Make you way up your body first tensing and then relaxing until you have done it with the whole of your body.
  • Do it slowly and take your time.
  • Now stay still and quiet.
  • When you are ready open your eyes.
  • Stand up.
  • Stretch.

Hope you feel relaxed and ready for the rest of your day!


Have a great day everyone.

Miss and love you all

Mrs Padfield