Hi everyone!

What a great effort you have made this week – I’m so proud of you.

I have posted some examples of work that you have sent in, so make sure you have a look.


Let’s get today’s Home Learning done and then it’s time to relax!



Whilst schools are closed The Maths Factor created by Carol Vorderman, has given free access to its website. Parents can register their child and access all of the fantastic resources. It’s definitely worth a look. It has learning videos, games and activities. You might find this helpful to supplement or practise the maths we are covering.



Today’s Maths is a game called Guess My Number, or Guess my Shape.  You will need to choose a number or shape and then make a list of clues for someone to try to guess it . Remember, try to give clues that show your understanding of what we have covered in maths.

For example for a number you could say:

  • It is a factor of…
  • It is a multiple of…
  • It is a square number.
  • It is a cubed number.
  • It is prime.
  • It is a composite number ( a number that isn’t prime)
  • It is odd / even
  • It is greater than…
  • It is less than…
  • It’s digital root is .. ( digital root is the answer when you add the digits of the number together until you have a single digit left).

For Guess my shape you could use clues like:

It has 3 vertices.

All it’s sides are equal.

It has square faces.

It is 3D

You can make it as tricky as you like but I would like you to have a go at making at least 3 Guess Who questions. You can make more if you like.

Test them out – who could you ask? Maybe you could send them to a friend in class and get them to guess!

Click below for the sheet:


The sheet also shows you how you can make a game board to play it with if you want to. Otherwise you could write them in your book.

If you would like more maths to do, please check on Mathletics to see if you have any activities that you haven’t completed or find one of your free choice.


L.I. To be able to write a character description.

This lesson follows on from yesterday’s lesson.

You do not have to do the spelling test at the start of the lesson, but you can  choose to do it for practise and revision.

In the video they mention WAGOLL.    This stands for What A Good One Looks Like.

So it will give you an example of what a good one looks like for that piece of work.

Everyone should watch the whole video. Try your best with the writing task.




L.I. To be able to add visual texture to artwork.

Lots of you really enjoyed last week’s art lesson so hopefully you’ll enjoy this one too! I would love to see what you manage to create, so please email your efforts to me so that I can share them on the blog. I think I will give it a go too 🙂




Free Choice Friday –  What would you like to do for your stilling time?

  • Draw or colour a picture.
  • Finger knitting
  • Lie down and listen to relaxing music
  • Breathing exercises – maybe you could teach other people in your house how to do this. Remember: Smell the strawberry and blow out the candle!
  • Sit outside, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.

Whatever you choose to do – relax- you deserve it!

Have a lovely weekend,  see you next week!


Mrs Padfield